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    Im an ex Serviceman and served in the Army and RAF...I was the RAF Marathon Champion for two years narrowly missing my hat-trick by 30seconds.Iv competed in Washington,Gothenburg,Malmo, Rotterdam and New York to name but a few my p.b.is 2hr 24min and iv ran 94Marathons....Im a Soul Survivor from Wigan and the Highland Room and regularly attend Soul in the Sun Lanzarote and Tenerife. I also go to a lot of weekenders Prestatyn twice a year Bridlington and Whitby.

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    Every running distance up to the Marathon, Swimming,cycling yoga and weights.
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    johnny sayles Cant get enough of your love

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  2. Hey up Dave ,Kegs and my deepest sympathies for you Carole ....I will make it next week to see the hilarious Paul off I don't want to dwell on Paul to much only to say my funniest moment was when he roused me from my slumber a few years ago at the Bridlington Weekender I slept in Carole's camper van......we sat together on a bench looking out to sea he pulled out a joint and said "How did you sleep Dave"?......I was in hysterics as I said "What do you think !......like sh.t".....his reply was "Well you will sleep better tonight .....fancy a bit of breakfast(being an athlete I matched Paul with his appetite!!)....."Yeah that sounds good my shout "....deadpan in his innuendos around life and the Soul Scene Paul and myself always shared a few beers whenever we met up .....I ran the recent Edinburgh Marathon and text him to say every step was dedicated to him 40mph winds greeted me on the turnaround I felt rough to say the least but the thought of Paul laughing at my predicament kept me going "Keep On Keeping On"....!!...I can see you spraying sweat all over those Soul Brother and Sisters in the dance hall in the sky....see you in the future mate it hurts me to the core we can't share a few more beers together!....regards Carole.
  3. Mary i hope your sweet voice will be still be around when i join you Right On Sister!
  4. Remembering Keth when i last saw you at Prestatyn....i reminded you of the first time i met you at the Compass Club in Torquay on the top floor and you had a juke box with all your sounds on!!! i didnt ask though wether you ever bought the damn thing....i bet it would be worth a few quid ha!ha!...im sorry about your T.I.A and i wish you a speedy recovery...you are one of the Iconic d.gs on the scene for me and your influence is immeasurable...Right On Brother...Dave from York formerly Burnley

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