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  1. Let’s Get Together - Kelton - VG++ Thanks for looking.
  2. Wishes - Chadwick - VG++ Thanks for Looking
  3. Anybody got the LP Why can’t I touch you ???? Thanks Steve Wilson
  4. Hi, I’m looking for a decent copy of the Mexican EP No Puedo Encontrarte. Thank You Steve Wilson
  5. Fancy Meeting You Here - On Vinyl. Thank You. Steve Wilson
  6. Last Thursday, I heard the wonderful Nige Brown play Fancy Meeting You Here. I know it was issued on CD 2005 but was it ever issued on vinyl ??? If so, where can I get it & has anyone got it for sale. Regards Steve Wilson
  7. Dave, I’ll take it, please let me know the payment details. Please send to: - Steve Wilson 233, Caxton St Derby DE23 1 RJ Thank You.
  8. Dave, Is Pieces of Eight still available?? Kind Regards Steve Wilson
  9. Can I take Buddy Miles please. Let me know the payment details. Kind Regards Steve Wilson
  10. Dave, Is Pieces of Eight still available?? Kind Regards Steve Wilson
  11. Dust my Broom - Ike & Tina Turner Girl I really love you - The Professionals So many sides of you - Bobby Womack Keep on keeping on - N F Porter There was a time - Gene Chandler I can’t get a hold of myself - Clifford Curry The wrong girl - The Showmen Help me - The Spellbinders What would I do - The Superiors Mighty lover - The Mighty Lovers Somethings Burning - The Marvellos It rained for forty days & nights - Garland Green Love you baby - Eddie Parker This thing called love - Johnny Whyatt Oh I’ve been blessed
  12. Thomas, Tony Michaels arrived today safe & sound. Thank you very much for your fabulous service. It’s now back in the play box after almost 30 years. Pleasure doing business with you & I hope it’s not the last time. Kind Regards Steve Wilson
  13. (I’ll be your Champion) I’ll be your Winner - Soulhawk VG ++ Thanks for looking. Steve Wilson

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