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    Sam Fletcher -I'd Think It Over
  1. Marvin Gaye -what's going on Sam Fletcher -I'd think it over Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes -don't leave me this way
  2. listen Jackie Shane -in my tenement I've been trying to figure out if this 45 is a genuine original or a boot?? the label looks dogdy ; original Sue should be reddish orange not lightly orange with funny white edges imo and I'm not sure ab...
  3. Song For A Friend

    good one found these Gene Chandler -mr big shot Sidney Barnes -I hurt on the other side
  4. Song For A Friend

    soooo many songs about love but what about friends? Friendship?? Songs about friendship, a special type of love, are a little more rare. so far I've found 'I'd think it over' by Sam Fletcher, a good advise from one friend to another... and...
  5. Billy Nichols'

    FYI official first commercial release of the 12" 1980 West End Records. Acetates with the 9'.25" Larry Levan mix were on rotation at the Paradise Garage before this 12" came out. Not as big as 'give your body up to the music' by Billy Nichols in 1979, bu...
  6. Kent's Proposed Popcorn Cd

    here's some more 'real' R&B Popcorn tunes ...and Ska is essential for any comp with the genuine Popcorn flavour Jackie Shane -in my tenement Prince La La -she put the hurt on me Hank Jacobs -so far away Derek Martin -daddy rollin stone Jordan...
  7. Kent's Proposed Popcorn Cd

    Ady, besides the Mack Vance title I believe that some of these could fit like a glove, although not all that rare and some great instrumentals too.... Clay Hammond -dance little girl Val Martinez -someone's gonna cry (RCA Victor) Phil Dowgs -...
  8. great initiative Ady, can't wait to see that one coming out....hopefully the tracklisting includes MACK VANCE "DOWN BY THE WATERHOLE"....as you may know this is an alternative version of 'dance little girl' by Clay Hammond. I haven't seen this one around ever...
  9. Club Popcorn in Vrasene, near St. Niklaas (Antwerp) in Belgium started the Popcorn craze.This was around 1974, at the height of the club's popularity.See where it all started by checking this link http://www.popcornoldies.com/popcorn/index.php?option=com...
  10. I totally agree with you. Collecting music is a passion that can grow into eccentric behaviour. The man faces now the same problem as every record collector with a hefty collection does; what to do with your collection after you've gone.... It is indeed ...
  11. Favourite Lyrics

    here's mine...classic Motown The Temptations -you've got to earn it (Gordy G 7043 US) (Yeah, yeah, yeah) To get stones from a rock, you've got to break it (Yeah, yeah, yeah) To get bread from dough, you've got to bake it (Yeah, yeah, yea...
  12. Demise Of The Traditional Record Shop

    I had the same experience a few times this year...practice like this can be really frustrating, I agree. I looks like some people run record shops nowadays just waiting for some ignorant soul to walk in and SELL records, not to BUY them...believe me, I know ...
  13. Demise Of The Traditional Record Shop

    exactly! and don't forget carboot sales, flea markets, private collections and record fairs Nowadays I enjoy to find records everywhere and anytime, not just in the local record shop I guess this enormous offer of choice makes a huge difference with...
  14. great soul album, similar to the work of The Impressions. Released in the UK on Pama, purple with silver lettering. I've never seen this album popping up somewhere... The only member of the group I know is Bobby Harris of Mr. Success fame...the same trac...
  15. Tkos - The Charge

    great track with Hank Jacobs on organ bought mine 5 years ago for 8 GBP