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  1. To whom is a dealers comments about originals vs bootlegs dj policy intended? What do you think,Mike -are you enjoying the music less if the dj puts on a bootleg of an original sound that someone requested to play out? Would non collectors be bothered? Does anybody care what originals the dj plays to his public? Apart from the purists,that is? And for the rest who want to enjoy the sound at the venue?
  2. Can someone confirm,as I suspect somewhat,what is the bootleg looking like and what/how is in the run out groove as compared to an original copy of Storm Warning.The reason I ask is because some years ago I recieved a packet from the US with an off-white/almost cream coloured Storm Warning.That is,the background of the label.The printing is all dark blue.It has the Virtue stamp.The matrix is with A,a space then a tiny -,and VOL,space,larger -,space3.Also,the "O" in Vol is not joined at the top,looking almost like a "U". And the other side "Baby",the whole thing seems slightly more faded in colour(unless it's my imagination playing tricks on me).I read the topic about Global....but as I said at the start,this disc came from the US.... Thanks for any input if anyone cares to comment !
  3. I had copies of both.Would say the white demo is rarest=£100
  4. I recall buying that Mickey Moonshine in the early 1970's as a newish release,it was recommended to be by a Mecca regular,and I found my copy at Cheapo's market stall in London,for a derisatory price.Other than that,I never heard it played out nor even heard anyone mentioning or knowing or having it.My copy was the only one I ever saw.Not saying it was rare -just a little obscure and quite that northern sounding feel with gr8 lyrics.Yes maybe to have been there at the recording not bad.
  5. £0.30p in Rob Smith's sales bins was most likely the one he bought from me...
  6. You are right on -they don't evoke the same memories,different years -different places and atmospheres I guess...which VaVa's tunes would be the last you would sell?
  7. There are so many....a lifetime's worth....every second there is another mind-blower...to actually be there and see/hear/experience them recording?? wow : Isley Brothers "tell me it's just a rumour baby" Tomangoes "I really love you" Ray Pollard "this time" Ray Agee "I'm losing" Eddie Parker "love you baby" Dee Dee Sharpe "what kind of lady" Lily Bryant "meet me halfway" the LPT's and all the LaBeat and Palmer recordings the Golden World recordings and Eddie Foster "I never knew" and on and on and on.... !
  8. Can you say what is your reasoning behind choosing those 4 records in particular?
  9. I understand what you are saying and feeling about your records. I think now,the generation gap is already,long,long gone and so wide as today bearing no resemblance to our halçyon era of Northern Soul.Time changes our social behaviour.Back in the late 60's and 70's English life was different then,factories,poor youth,fashion,music,and "scenes".Northern Soul was underground,there was no choreography -it was spontaneous,driven by the music.Living for the weekend,the way we dressed for that magical weekend.Spending hard earned pittance of wages on records,travelling,and clothes.Working class youth and just ordinary,somehow just fitted perfectly in with the Northern Soul Scene.Impossible to repeat those conditions in future generations.Each generation is different,they can't feel,experience,what went before.We are not alike.
  10. How awesome.Thank you very much for posting this I am gobstruck but not suprised at how they were,I always knew by the vocals this was a blue-eyed(white) group.(No racial intentions.) I bought my copy on PEEVEE from JA in the early 1980's.I often listened to it.I think it was quite rare,and/or obscure,although it was getting some exposure in 1980/81.
  11. I forgot I had the Lenny Curtis on End...wish I had kept it....a lifetime of collecting lost in the folly of depression. Jack Reacher says "Never go back"....but...
  12. Fair comment and I agree. My main point was though,I do not accept test pressings or acetates as being bonafide records. And Pete did lump this test press as one...hence my reply. Not a Tamla/Motown expert myself,I was Northern,but I do recall IL pulling out from one of his racks showing me most proudly his copy of The Andantes.I was about to ask him to lend it to me...but thought better than to ask....now I wish I had done !!!
  13. errrr....I kinda knew.... !! that's why I asked !!! 3 that I let go BEFORE I sold my collection that I sincerly regretted and would keep no matter what now : Professionals -Did My Baby Call -Groove City Del-Reys -Destination Unknown -Tampete Jackie Beavers -I Need My Baby -Revilot
  14. Absolutely AWESOME. Always liked this from first hearing it,sadly I never came across a copy...

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