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  1. mhairi

    Crewe - Charity Soul Alldayer - Crewe

    Looking forward to it, was excellent last year!
  2. Cool radio program about Japanese soulies: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03bd23y

  3. mhairi

    Federal Rhythm & Blues Club - Crewe

    I've been to the first and second event of the club and loved it. There's a really good range of music that comes under the R&B heading. And it's such a chilled atmosphere, with really friendly people.
  4. Enjoying a wheat-free cinnamon bagel

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Tattoodave


      Interesting, sadly no Asda here, but I'll try and track them down in a week or so

    3. mhairi


      Other supermarkets probably do them. Brand is Udi's

    4. Tattoodave


      Thanks, stuck with Lidl or Aldi here, apart from Morrisons in Gibraltar

  5. It was great to see so many people back again for more! And fab that there were three female DJs. (Does that count as blowing my own horn? LOL) Well done Dave, Gerrard, Sally, Keith, Sharon, Kev, Jan, and everyone else who organised it.
  6. I'm looking forward to it!
    1. Tony Bee

      Tony Bee

      cheers,will have a look

    2. mhairi


      Hi Tony,

      I am so sorry that message got sent to you... I was sending it to Keith, I have no idea how it ended up going to you as wel...

  7. Selling lots of lovely original 45s on eBay

  8. Any ideas on prizes you're after? Thanks
  9. Last year's All-Dayer was fab, so I'm really glad there's going to be another one
  10. I thought John Heywood was especially good - when is he on again????
  11. mhairi

    Crewe - Charity Soul Alldayer - Crewe

    As soon as I moved to Crewe eight years ago, I started hearing fantastic things about St Luke's. Virtually everyone round here has had their lives touched by the brilliant work and volunteering at St Luke's
  12. mhairi

    Crewe - Charity Soul Alldayer - Crewe

    So looking forward to it!
  13. Really enjoyed last night - as always! Can't wait for this one.
  14. mhairi

    Crewe - Charity Soul Alldayer - Crewe

    Thanks so much chaps! Really looking forward to it

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