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  1. SoulHenrik

    Steinways demo

    The Steinways - "You've been leading me on"/"My heart's not in it anymore" (Oliver demo) Ex condition £225. Shipping £12,50. Paypal as gift.
  2. SoulHenrik

    Holy Disciples and Harmonics

    Looking for Holy Disciples - Trying to make a hundred (Song Bird) Harmonics - Be your man (Sock It or Seventy Seven) Cheers
  3. SoulHenrik

    Del Davis

    Still looking...
  4. SoulHenrik

    Del Davis

    Still looking for this...
  5. SoulHenrik

    Del Davis

    Del Davis - Baby don't wake me (Bread)
  6. SoulHenrik


    Tavasco - Love is trying to get a hold of me Anyone got one for sale (or trade for Servicemen "Sweet magic")?
  7. SoulHenrik


  8. SoulHenrik

    Cookies - I Never Dreamed

  9. SoulHenrik

    Cookies - I Never Dreamed

    Still looking...
  10. SoulHenrik


    Young Souls and Sir Gibbs sorted.
  11. SoulHenrik


    Looking for these: Young Souls - Man-a-wail (Amalgamated) Sir Gibbs - People Grudgeful (Amalgamated) Tommy McCook - Tribute to Rameses/Phillis Dillon - Lipstick on your collar (Trojan or Treasure Isle?) Wailers - The Jerk/Shame and scandal (Island) Laurel Aitken - Run Powell Run (NuBeat)
  12. SoulHenrik

    Porgy & The Monarchs/maxine Brown

    Looking for two records: Maxine Brown - It's Torture (the 80's Kent release) The Porgy & the Monarchs mispress on Musicor that plays Hey Girl Both sorted.
  13. SoulHenrik

    Willie Tee - Teasing You Again

    Sorted now.


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