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  1. Can't wait, nervous as usual but ready to go. The ladies will make you dance dance dance!
  2. Can't wait, bring your dancing shoes, it's gonna get hot and sweaty
  3. Betty Bump

    Walton 4/5 Soul Club

    Walton 4/5 Soul Club 1st of 4 events for 2019 22nd March 2019. 8pm until approx 12.15 £3 on the door, great dance floor, excellent sound system, large car park. Guest DJ this time is Mr Roy Dale and we will be raising money for Bluebell Wood Hospice x Every penny taken on the door is donated the the nominated charity Residents Paul Hamby, Karen Megeary, Liam Fernley and Phil Turner Hope you will support us
  4. Looking forward to spinning some of my vinyl at this lovely club X Karen (Betty)
  5. Betty Bump

    Walton Soul Club

    Proud to say that we have raised quite a lot of money at Walton over the passed few years and sent much needed cash to many worthy charities. We will keep up doing this as long as you our valued supporters keep coming x Love Betty
  6. Looks like a plan ☺
  7. Betty Bump

    Walton 4/5 Soul Club

    WALTON 4/5 SOUL CLUB, WALTON SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUB SHAY LANE, WALTON, WAKEFIELD, WF2 6LA CONTACT BETTY 07980 893360 £3 ON THE DOOR (every penny of your entry fee is donated to charity) EVENT GUEST DJ - EDDIE WILLIAMS HIS CHOSEN CHARITY BRITTLE BONE DISEASE Large car park, wooden dance floor & very reasonable bar prices 8pm - 12.30 (we are a week early again because of holiday's)
  8. Betty Bump

    Wakefield Soul Club

    Looking forward to spinning some tunes for you on Sunday. Sadly Joe had other arrangements so I've been ask to jump into his shoes (let's hope they fit lol) Hope your all up for a dance Love Betty x
  9. Looking forward to spinning a few tunes for you on Friday if passed events are anything to go by.....it will be a great night Betty (Karen)
  10. Looking forward to put trip to Kingsway tonight. Long time since we've been able to make it (one thing or another getting in the way) it will be like old times
  11. Betty Bump

    Walton 4/5 Soul Club

    Sorry I've not posted about how much money we raised for Bluebell Wood but £120 was raised and this was handed to Rob Wigley to add to the total at Bridlington last weekend. thanks to everyone who supported us on the night. I have saved the raffle prizes donated for our next event which is August xx Betty
  12. Betty Bump

    Walton 4/5 Soul Club

    Walton 4/5 Soul Club Walton Sports & Social Club, Shay Lane, Walton, Wakefield WF2 6LA 8.00pm - 12.30 am (ONE WEEK EARLY) £3 on the door and every penny is donated to the Guest DJ's choice of charity! GUEST DJ - Pete Ruane (RUE) Back Street Soul Club (Barnsley) Nominated Charity Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice Resident DJ's Phil, Liam Paul and Betty Info tel Betty 07980 893360 Lovely room, wooden dancefloor, large car park & good bar prices Hope you can make this one as we have pulled it forward a week because of the fabulous Bridlington Weekender
  13. I will be kicking things off at 3pm in the back room. Looking forward to playing some very much underplayed tunes that are good for your heart, soul and of course feet x
  14. Betty Bump


    Hope to see later. Wasn't able to make the Feb and March events so really looking forward to this one. See you there Betty x
  15. Betty Bump


    Thanks for clearing that up for everyone Happy Hooker. That's why I didn't put "Charity Soul" in the main description. We are a soul club who donates every single penny we take on the door to a different local charity each time we hold an event (either 4 or 5) per year. We are proud that we are a charity soul club and we have raised a few thousand pounds over the passed 4/5 years! I'm not sure how you would like me to word our events? I'm only saying that we are a soul club who raises funds for various local charities. No one takes a penny out of what we raise as well as our guest DJ's. I think this is getting a bit petty as most people know what Walton is all about! We are a soul club dedicated to helping others! I will change the description and assure you that we won't use "Charity soul" in our listing again!

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