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    Semi known gem
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    Collecting Soul and Funk 45s. Guitar. History. Modern Art. British Popular Culture. Poetry. The Tigers (AKA Hull City). The Bhoys (AKA Celtic).
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    Always changes, but usually 60s stuff...
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  1. Decent Record Box

    http://covers33.co.uk/index.php?cPath=26&a...745635405de4614 As Mark says above Covers33 are good but can be a bit fragile in my experience. Fine for storage at home, but if it's for lugging around i'd try these guys: http://www.swanflight.com/...
  2. Shortest Northern Track

    Micky Wilson - Gee Baby (You're Driving Me Crazy) 1:34 John & The Wierdest - No Time (To Find The Next Record...) 1:43
  3. Title: ray crossen jr. - try some soul - musicor Artist: ray crossen jr Track: try some soul Label: musicor Record information:
  4. Wants: Splendors, Betty Moorer, Winfield Parker

    Did you sell J.B. Troy - Live On for £60? That's gotta' be a bargin!
  5. Wants: Splendors, Betty Moorer, Winfield Parker

    Thanks Tony! So do I! Nice tune to end with... Best regards, Rich.
  6. Wants: Splendors, Betty Moorer, Winfield Parker

    Thanks to everyone who PM'd me. Can anybody help with the rest? I've added a couple more... Thanks again, Rich.
  7. Chuck Corby / Gerri Reid

    Rare Pittsburgh Group Soul : Chuck Corby & The Entrees - Need Your Love b/w Let Me Stay (Fee Bee 119) £60.00 Guaranteed Original VG++ ( Plays really well.) Manship has a VG copy for £150.00 ...
  8. Can anyone help with these please: conditon from M- to VG++/EX only. The Splendors - Please Don't Go (Karate) Betty Moorer - Speed Up (Wand) . Winfield Parker - Shake That Thing (Arctic) Thanks in advance, Rich.
  9. Soul Revolution

    Yep, it is indeed on the other side of Candle on Soul King. 10_Whatcha_Gonna_Do.mp3
  10. New 7" Out On Tramp Records => Lucky Brown

    Nice one Tobias! Another great release.
  11. Jm's Auction

    Nat Hall sold for £727 http://www.raresoulforum.co.uk/jm_auction....ev&num=2901
  12. The Chi-lites - Are You My Woman (tell Me So)

    This might be of interest to you: Speedometer Am I Your Woman Freestyle http://www.juno.co.uk/products/266443-01.htm
  13. Title: tuomo - don't take it too hard - jupiter Artist: tuomo Track: don't take it too hard Label: jupiter Record information: one of the best new releases from 2007.
  14. Forgotten 60's - A Free Cd Available

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Ray... Really looking forward to hearing it! All the best, Rich.
  15. Couple Of Wants

    Little bump for this... Winfield Parker - Shake That Thing - Arctic Go on... make someone's xmas!

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