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  1. You're right ! it was Tuesday ! , yesterday chucked it down , same as today ! Haven't got a clue what day it is , nobody has !
  2. Hawthorn Shield Bugs in my garden yesterday .
  3. Here's a thing. Whilst we were snapping the Reed Warbler, we could hear a Cuckoo very close, we heard it whilst walking down the lane. Sarah spotted the Cuckoo in her binoculars by the pool and it flew off right by the pool where the reed Warbler was singing ! Fingers crossed the little warbler isn't a victim , but then again, thats nature ..
  4. That's uncanny Steve !! . Your pic is so sharp ! mines about the best I'll get with a compact digital but Im real pleased with it .Reed Warblers are so difficult to snap, you just get a focus on them and in a second they've pinged off out of sight
  5. Thank you Steve . Yes its like trying to photograph a a tiny mouse from a distance you can hear the bird, and you can see the odd reed flicking about, then if you're very lucky the bird might just appear in an opening for a few seconds ! Then again,as you know, if it was easy it wouldn't be so rewarding when you do get a good snap
  6. Just walked up to the pond and was lucky enough to get a snap of the Reed Warbler.. They're a very elusive tiny bird and skulk about low down in reed beds , usually heard but not seen. I just about managed to manually focus on him inside the reed bed.
  7. That's lovely Steve, thanks for sharing mate.
  8. The RAF C17 Globemaster was circling Burton again today !! It circled about a dozen times over 2 hours, amazing sight . Probably landed at Donnington. Theyre based in Brize Norton and theres only half dozen or so still in service
  9. Some pics of our wild flower garden today.
  10. until

    cheers for playing my request, Ann D'Andrea !
  11. until

    Highlight of the week without doubt
  12. until

    Just got home from work , checkin out and listening to the requests, some i know, some i dont, Bloody hell , this is good ! roll on Saturday !
  13. until

    Hows about Ann D'andrea "Don't Stop Looking" ?
  14. until

    The Ivorys .. sublime .

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