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  1. You're right ! it was Tuesday ! , yesterday chucked it down , same as today ! Haven't got a clue what day it is , nobody has !
  2. Hawthorn Shield Bugs in my garden yesterday .
  3. Alison, yeh, I too was shocked they didnt show the section land on the ship ! what a cock up by the cameraman !! ?? I was nervous too, the ten second countdown .. gulp ! thank God it went well !! lets tune in for the docking and opening of the hatch tomorrow at 15.27 . Cheers, Mike
  4. Cheers.. At 15.27 tomorrow live docking on the same channel..
  5. Yes, even Captain Kirk was just on, wished them all the best !
  6. Anyone watching the Space X launch ? live build up and launch on NASA channel now. Wish I was there with my camera !! Launch at 8.20 (hope thats right )
  7. Heres the website Louise ... It was Soulandy who put me on to it a few months ago , cheers https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/sightings/view.cfm?country=United_Kingdom&region=England&city=Derby#.XtEV7TpKjhd Change your location but it doesnt vary much over UK. I too watched it nearly ever night last week after sunset. Bright light moving across the sky , brighter than a star so perfectly visible with the naked eye. Travels at 17500mph , over 200miles up in low orbit. The only thing is.. it has to be OVER 40 degrees to see it, so youve missed your chance for a while Louise , (it was 70 degrees last week, which is almost overhead. The next few nights it is too low for the sun below the horizon to light it up ( thats what makes it visible). Nasa will update that website in a day or two so fingers crossed itll be over 40 degrees again soon .
  8. That is a great photo Steve ! smiling for the camera
  9. Great pic Steve !! They're such a comical bird, Carrot as a beak, and run along going Beep Beep Beep !

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