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  1. Yes, they seem to return to the same trees some years and in the most unlikely places like supermarket carparks ! they just go into an eating frenzy like locusts, and seem oblivious to humans
  2. Cheers Ste, First one for me for a few years too ! amazing birds and make a noise like a 60s trimphone
  3. Just been and taken these pictures 5 minutes from my house in Burton . A lone Waxwing eating the berries on a housing estate. wow !. Got the heads up yesterday from local birder. Very grey and gloomy to take pics.
  4. Got me thinking, I owned a cine camera at the time, bout 78 when I started going, and never took it as it would have been too much hassle .. doh . The Omnibus clips have been on one or two documentaries over the years, "Almost Grown" and "The way of the Crowd" both showed seperate clips, but I'm sure a new clip from omnibus was shown last night.4.48 to 4.56 in on the link Mike posted earlier in this thread. That clip looks different than the other Omnibus clips ? Well that suggests to me that the BBC still have the film and take odd clips from it ? who knows ? Anybody know the girl with the black bob haircut spinning ?
  5. The Omnibus has never resurfaced apart from these clips, same with the Something Else, just these clips, so there still could be unseen footage in the BBC archives ? heres the link to watch.
  6. The other clips are from Omnibus 1978 , and Something Else which was a youth programme
  7. Have a good time tonight, think I'm gonna come along to the next one !
  8. Lovely pictures Ste , where are you birding today ? I just went round my local fields again and saw the male Stonechat , I saw the female the other day. Also a few Skylarks singing whilst descending and a flock of Fieldfares cackling Mike.
  9. Cheers for that list Chalky, I must have missed out there, I went to The Final oldies nighter, then the end of an Era nighter, then two more .I cant remember dates. Remember the place being even scruffier than usual at the last two I went to, cant remember if M's was open, probably not and the numbers were down.
  10. Me too , I'd like to see these photos, might even be on one .
  11. Yes if you tap two stones together they go mental lol ! ( but you shouldnt do that !) The thrush wasnt singing, it looked quite large ?
  12. I thought so too, but now I cant decide if if its a Song thrush or a Mistle thrush ?? Round splodges rather than V markes ?
  13. Same here mate. Decades of gear, teetering on the edge, trying to make sense of it all
  14. Cheers Ste ! Been out of work for a couple of months and birdwatching keeps me , its good for the soul.
  15. I had a walk around my local patch today. aahh, almost like Spring . Here's a few pics I took. All I have is a Canon compact digital that cost a couple of hundred quid, but you can still get some nice pictures if you get out and about and have a go .

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