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  1. Thanks Mike. Great pics there, bought back a lot of memories.
  2. All these "dedicated soulies" you mention. Nowhere to be seen in the 80s , 90s, only found out about it when the internet came about. just a fancy dress night out for most . Mainstream entertainment.
  3. You know you want one of these really, a car 7" player.
  4. Best years of my life going to Wigan. Nothing has ever come close. I've never been in a building since where you could feel/smell/touch the atmosphere like Wigan. Probably the energy of youth in the air. I still have the occasional dream where I'm there again, I can almost touch it , it was a feeling how you percieved the world at the time. Glad I went for the last 4 years.
  5. I posted several months ago about this place and as I was on holiday in Norfolk last week decided to have a last look. The 1960s holiday camp has been closed and fenced off for the last decade, and recently , 200 homes have been given the go ahead and the bulldozers are in. We walked all round the perimeter fences about a mile and eventually found a gap behind a tree to get in. We could hear a demolition crew over the far side of the camp taking the roof off the ballroom. We could still roam round 80% of the place though, I got a bit close at one stage , hiding behind some trees and quickly legged it in the opposite direction just before I was spotted !. I climbed to the top of the climbing tower/zip wire tower, although I still think it looks like a lookout tower to keep the inmates in, perhaps thats what it was ? Anyway, heres a few pics for anyone interested in urban exploring.
  6. Kestrel over the sea in North Norfolk last week .
  7. I remember Major Domos , they were a cheaper copy of Dr martens, sold in Army stores in the 70s. They did kids sizes too so were popular. Think the ribs on the soles were thicker, and no stitches round the sole . Another one was Hawkins Astronauts, used the Dr Marten sole I think .
  8. Agreed, however, still lots of originals around to buy at a price ! . And well worth it...
  9. Whilst blackberry picking today in Burton on Trent, heard a high pitched buzzing.. further investigation of a nearby hedge unearthed several of these critters... !!
  10. Now that's what you call a pair of boots.
  11. Here's another pair I have. 1990's 3 hole, size 10s, Made In England shoes.. New old stock , never worn... I think I'll start wearing these this winter.
  12. Start wearing them ! they look really cool .
  13. I collect vintage Docs. Pre 2003 ones which were made in England. They ceased production in England then, and sold the company to Asia. Pre 2003 Docs are far better made than any since, they recently started making limited numbers in the UK again, but they just aren't the same as the old ones, the shape is different . Docs from Asia which everyone wears now have transparent soles from the underneath, the shape isnt quite the same and worst of all, the leather splits across the toe crease in less than a year, ! had a pair, they were rubbish . I'd recommend that anyone wanting some Docs should find some new old stock pre 2003 made in England ones , theres always some on Ebay as there's a lot of collectors out there. Heres a few pics of some of my best ones. the black size ten boots are early 80s, near mint and the quality is outstanding. The brown shoes are called Lowbacks, mid 80s, worn by Smiths fans at the time, very heavy and last forever. The small boots are my wifes, again amazing quality, the toe shape is slightly squared dating them at late 70s.
  14. Stompers... 1:16:41 in.... Incredible !!!

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