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  1. The 'upfront scene' ?

    How many times is a record played on the "Upfront scene" (Trade mark pending) before it is classed as "overplayed" and dropped from the playlist? A rough estimate will do.
  2. The 'upfront scene' ?

    So basically it's an eclectic mix of (maybe) danceable black music rather than just northern soul..... ? Does "Upfront" just represent a broad mix of tracks that haven't been heard before on the northern soul scene and are therefore new to punters who don't...
  3. The 'upfront scene' ?

    It was a simple enough question. Why such a song and dance about it? Just give a brief overview of what it is and some examples of the tracks played.
  4. Interesting. So a song that was known to millions of people with absolutley no connection to the northern soul scene in the decades since its release is played on the NS "upfront" scene presumeably as cutting edge? Like The Bottle it's essentially a jazz...
  5. It's a superb instrumental. The reason it's knocked is obviously due to the fact that the composer/artist is known. (an American Tony Hatch) If it was by the Terra Shirma Strings there wouldn't be a problem.
  6. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Have to disagree. What you're giving here is a general rule of thumb which is ok. However, what you fail to omit is that within the record colecting sphere acetates and test pressing can be highly desireable and fetch high prices. That is because these item...
  7. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    Despaireth not brother for if thou observe that what I actually wrote you will see that your despair truly is in vain - for the second time on this thread . Me in the first post: " Yes gospel had a huge influence on 60s soul music ".
  8. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    Roburt - didn't realise you were still looking. So that's almost half a dozen of nearly and almost tracks now? Almost two months later.
  9. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    This is very intersting but it's become equally as confusing as hell Here's what I've got so far - not sure how close I am so please correct. 1. Pete's record (TP) - tapes sent to Motown Detroit. Then to RCA (Chicago or more probably Nashville). Lacque...
  10. CJ for me but not much in it and no bad versions imo.
  11. Very nice too

    Good old Brain's Faggots with their subtle clue to at least one ingredient in the title. Aka as "nose to tail eating".
  12. Very nice too

    There no such thing as good or bad honey in the UK. Honey is honey. The expensive honey isn''t more costly necesarily because it's "better". Just harder to produce what it states on the label. Bees will be bees.
  13. Very nice too

    There might be fake honey worldwide and honey thats dodgy but in the UK honey is honey.
  14. Very nice too

    Got to love those veggie food producers that make their product look, sound and (with varying degrees of success) taste like the product they're supposedly ethicially opposed to . Vegetarian meatballs anyone? Why not just buy Maple syrup?
  15. Very nice too

    Sorry but i'm up on the soapbox again. You say "processed sweet stuff" as if there's as second rate or inferior type. Honey is supposed to be sweet and all honey is processed. There's no such thing as bad or inferior honey sold in the UK. That's a fact. The...