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  1. Russian Spy

    Massive news if true - from The London Economic (viewed as reliable) I saw this a few weeks ago but didn't really take much notice. Could there be something in it? "A source close to Skripal has said he was investigating the collusion between the Inter...
  2. Russian Spy

    A complete media shutdown . Galloway made a valid point the other day - why are no journalists asking these questions? Such as where are the Skripals? Whatever the reason they should still be seeking an explanation. That's their job. Instead there's complete...
  3. Russian Spy

    As far as I'm aware - and I'll gladly be corrected- there has not yet been an official statement as to where the police officer NB was contaminated. Rumours and assumptions yes, but no definite statement. That is truly strange if true.
  4. Yes, as in (from a more recent era - mid 70s) the the segment in the Heatworn Highways film where Townes Van Zandt singing Waitin' Around To Die moves old Seymour Washington to tears. A great clip.
  5. Russian Spy

    Ignoring the obvious flaming --- It looks like the story is about to enter a new stage as The Times, two months after the event, prints the name and photos of YS's fiancee and his mother and their supposed links to the Kremlin. Obviously whatever restriction...
  6. Russian Spy

  7. I first saw the phase "country is the white man's blues" in The Story of Pop magazine I used to buy in the early 70s. I'm pretty sure it was attributed to a blues artist but I can't remember which one. But the country music they were referring to is what I'd ...
  8. And neither of these artists never made a record you could dance to? One thing about the Northern scene that stuck me back in the day was the strange selectivity that went on. A jazz-funk record like On Broadway by George Benson would be played - but not...
  9. Russian Spy

    So we finally get the first cctv images of Y Skripal leaving Russia from Russian airport cctv with her hair coloured auburn. Unlike most of the pictures shown on tv with her hair blonde. Immediately after the incident cctv footage was released of a co...
  10. Russian Spy

    No I said say it slowly. However, joking aside it obviously wasn't slow enough for some. 1 I never said there was munitions factory in Salisbury. 2 No one mentioned chlorine gas did they? Germany is one of the leading European producers of chlor...
  11. Russian Spy

    Also seen RT reports that in East Ghouta thye've found rebel supplies - Chlorine from Germany and --- smoke bombs from Salisbury. Say it slowly - smoke bombs from Salisbury (it gets deeper the more you think about it).
  12. Russian Spy

    I've got a feeling it's going to bounce back pretty soon. The shake n' vac in Salisbury's only a got a couple of days left in it. Funny thing is I've just seen that the Russian Ambassador made the same point today at his press conference. I've got to a...
  13. Russian Spy

    No updates on Mr Sk's condition, nor Ms S. something is afoot. I'm pretty sure an update would be the usual.
  14. Russian Spy

    He's completely doolally. Going off topic - but when he's singing about Devil Woman he isn't actually singing about a woman at all. This was revealed by one of the Shadows on tv years ago. The problem was how could a good Christian Boy sing about a Devil woma...
  15. I'm actually ON TOPIC - that's what I'm talking about. How the adoption of a tag lead the scene in a particular direction. I'm not talking about paticular records or venues. "Churlish - adjective, rude, unfriendly, unpleasant". Snowflake - a love...

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