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  1. maslar

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Got to say I'm really enjoying these drug tales of yore. It never gets tired. I agree with BabyBoy/Lass that this thread now has much more potential yet seems to be dying early. Keep them coming. In particular I'd like to hear a few "white knuckle" escapades. For example, maybe you were hallucinating and almost killed a close family member with a kitchen knife. Or maybe you lost control of your bodily functions in a busy railway station concourse and then slipped over. You know the sort of thing - it was pretty horrendous at the time but you can laugh about it now . I never took drugs but reading some of these comments I'm kind of wishing I had dabbled a little. Although, given my slight OCD personality if I had I'm pretty sure I'd be an old crack-head today. But oh, what memories I'd have. (and paying the odd visit to Crystal METHhews no doubt (see what I did there?. ). More please. it's always fresh
  2. maslar

    Drug of choice for today's allnighter

    Put it behind you. You sound extremely knowledgeable on the subject of drugs and obviously have previous hands on experience. Realise those days are over. You still have your memories and there are threads on here from time to time where ex-users love to reminisce. (well actually it's usually done off topic but forget that minor detail).
  3. maslar

    Drug of choice for today's allnighter

    Chestnut brown hair dye and Superdry?
  4. I don't know about "country pop" classic. Certainly an all time classic but OTBJ has always sounded more "black" than "white" to me. The chords are all 7ths I think which give the backing guitar accompaniment a blues/jazzy sound. Certainly not 60s Country where major chords prevailed. Together with the soulful vocal it's easy to see why it fared better in the Billboard R&B chart than the Country. And, as I mentioned recently, was played on Black radio stations Stateside. OTBJ was never a "B side". There may have been some deliberations as to which of the two tracks Capitol were working with was preferred as the main release. However, once the edited version of OTBJ was finished it was immediately scheduled for release as the "A" side.. It was never in any way a B side. The guitar that BG played wasn't a four string. It was a six string mini Martin.
  5. Disdain? All's well at Snowflake Central. And btw, it'd be a little strange of you didn't post a self-opinionated reply wouldn't it? the alternative is to post other people opinions which I'm sure you'd agree is pretty f***** pointless even at Snowflake Central . Although it would probably result in lots of "up votes" . Really. was that the impression you got? Thanks for that.
  6. maslar

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    It's Snowflake Central nowadays mate. Did you think you was a dog? You were obviously well into your drugs. Sounds like a blast. Poor Dogsbody - thinking he knew what his own topic would be about. He'll know better next time. Drugs, drugs drugs la la la la la There weren't any naked people dancing around a bonfire in Warrington or anywhere else for that matter. In the absence of one of your "experiments" it sounds to me like you were experiencing a psychotic episode. No doubt connected to your previous experiments. Ah those Young Farmers. They could be a right handful in a gang I know the type you're talking about. I'd class them (or at least the leaders) as criminally psychopathic. capable of acts of severe violence and totally unafraid of any repercussions. Do you still see naked people that aren't there? Thank you Frank Muir and Denis Norden for this extremely interesting discourse. Remember kids, Google is your friend. Oh FFS.
  7. You could have done that without making reference to down votes. There was an explicit link there. Warning or not it gave rise to a comment from the mod. To me the down vote feature is meaningless. It's open to abuse and tit-for-tat. I've never used it nor would I ever do. if a view a posts as poor in some way I'll respond to it making my point or ignore it. what does "down voting achieve? Absolutely nothing. I can't see why a mod would need to make any reference to it.
  8. maslar

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    That's right
  9. I've just seen the comment in Dogsbody's thread by moderator BabyBoyandMylass. In it he points out that the topic starter seems to be receiving a lot of "down votes" and then uses this to issue a rebuke/mild warning. Since when has the down vote feature been used as a moderating tool/signifier? This is absolutely ridiculous. In each case the number of down votes was four or five. so if anyone gets four down votes they receive a warning from the mods? this needs clarifying.
  10. maslar

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    So.. I'm a member here and making a point ok? Actually a valid point I think . So... like I said I'm commenting feedback. So......
  11. maslar

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    So what? Since when has this been a cause for comment from the mods? Anyone can "down vote", it's signifies nothing really and it's obviously open to abuse. I will take this to the feedback forum because I think it needs clarifying.
  12. maslar

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    And this is one of my favourite music clips regardless of genre - Billie Holiday - Fine and Mellow, with an ensemble of jazz legends (1957)
  13. maslar

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    It's difficult to choose just a few but here's three of my tops Bill Evans - My Man's Gone (Village Vanguard) Bassist Scott Lafaro was killed in a car crash just ten days after the recording aged just 25. John Coltrane - Equinox McCoy Tyner - African Village. The Real McCoy is one fo my top 60s jazz LPs but this is from Time For Tyner
  14. maslar

    Russian Spy

    No, it's to do with a story that surfaced right after the attack then went pretty quiet pretty quick Google Skripal Steele - he who cannot be named is direct a link.
  15. maslar

    Russian Spy

    According to reliable reports a D-notice was issued last week which forbids the media from naming or commenting on SS' MI6 handler who lives near to him. Stand by for more weather reports from Salisbury, interviews with the local tourist board and the chamber of commerce etc etc.


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