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  1. Very nice too

    Good old Brain's Faggots with their subtle clue to at least one ingredient in the title. Aka as "nose to tail eating".
  2. Very nice too

    There no such thing as good or bad honey in the UK. Honey is honey. The expensive honey isn''t more costly necesarily because it's "better". Just harder to produce what it states on the label. Bees will be bees.
  3. Very nice too

    There might be fake honey worldwide and honey thats dodgy but in the UK honey is honey.
  4. Very nice too

    Got to love those veggie food producers that make their product look, sound and (with varying degrees of success) taste like the product they're supposedly ethicially opposed to . Vegetarian meatballs anyone? Why not just buy Maple syrup?
  5. Very nice too

    Sorry but i'm up on the soapbox again. You say "processed sweet stuff" as if there's as second rate or inferior type. Honey is supposed to be sweet and all honey is processed. There's no such thing as bad or inferior honey sold in the UK. That's a fact. The...
  6. Very nice too

    I've just googled - it's a Christmas thing by the looks of it. There must be some calories in a jar of that from looking at the the recipe . I'd suggest using very sparingly.
  7. Very nice too

    Ok. I just couldn't see the connection between darkness and brandy butter? Didn't realise it was an ancient custom. Something to do with the autumn solstice?
  8. Very nice too

  9. Very nice too

    Do people really digest this stuff before going to bed? And wonder why they can't sleep perhaps? The state your digestive systems must be in. It doesn't bare thinking about.
  10. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    I clicked on the link to the dt site and Avast tells me a threat has been detected. No surprise there. Proceed with caution. Strange how the OP replies to one point raised in the Support Forum but ignores my post here on the actual topic. and the very p...
  11. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    It's not soul music. It's pre-soul mid-50s rhythm and blues. That's not being picky. Is Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry soul music? Is That's Alright by Elvis soul music? Somehwere down the line you've got to actually draw a line.
  12. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    Not really what I was looking for. I Got A Woman isn't a soul record. it's mid-50s rhythm and blues. Sixties soul? I'm sure there might be some. But they don't roll off the tongue do they?
  13. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    I'm not really asking anyone to agree with me. I'm giving my opinion. In fact you are agreeing with me with regard to the inluence of gospel (probably without you realising it.) Can you give examples of gospel songs that had their words changed?
  14. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    Duplicate post
  15. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    Slightly uncormfortable reading in my opinion. The opening sentence is quite disturbing. "Given how much influence christianity and gospel music has had on the music we all love". Yes gospel had a huge influence on 60s soul music but to implicitly forge a...