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  1. Blue-eyed Soul?

    they look grey to me
  2. Blue-eyed Soul?

    How is this "blue-eyed soul"? Vanessa Williams is Afro-American.
  3. Blue-eyed Soul?

    In all honesty I think the term "blue-eyed soul is one of the most ridiculous ever put out there. It doesn't begin to make sense on any level. My opinion, from what I've observed over the years, is that it originally was used by black artists (almost certainl...
  4. Refurbished IPhones ?

    In Appleland doesn't "refurbished" mean a perfectly good phone that's been sold or traded in because the previous owner just simply has to have the latest Apple phone so that they are indeed actually a somebody?
  5. Poll: Version Battle - Ever again

    Again, not much in it but if I had to choose I'd go with GW. I think his vocal - laid back and jazzy - slightly suit the mood of the song better.
  6. Both are great but my slight preference is for Sidney Barnes - I really don't get the disparaging remarks aired regarding his vocals - he sings it perfectly in my book. Pretty baffling. As an aside I also think Standing On Solid Ground is a pretty decent r...
  7. Silky Hargraves

    I think you're looking too hard . People tend to look slightly different in different photos. I'd say the drawing was an excellent ressemblance of the person in the soulful detroit pic. Also it's taken me just a short time to find a brief bio from a p...
  8. Silky Hargraves

    Looks like a very good match to me?
  9. Dave Godin Article from 1975

    Sorry but I have to disagree. If you're going to put yourself upand out there and be given a platforn as prominent as Blue and Soul then I would expect better. Maybe less time wasted time on china plates tales? The other thing that I completley disa...
  10. Dave Godin Article from 1975

    I've never read that particular book but that review tells me nothing about it other than DG seems to have an extreme dislike of some of the people involved. A review should be informative. You don't have believe it or agree but it should offer something to w...
  11. Merryweather v McGregor - just about money ?

    He may have hit him 111 times most of those shorts were nothing. He has no follow thorugh in his punches. Yes he could knock a boxer out but there are guys knocking each other out outside the chippie any night of the week. Mayweather did very little in t...
  12. Dave Godin Article from 1975

    I don't think this is true at all. These stories come from DG hilmself don't they? The age gap between them was too great for them to be at school together. In his early teens Jagger was working holidays in an American airbase and coming across sounds that D...
  13. Dave Godin Article from 1975

    A mixed bad really. Informative on the (then) current scene but that "book review" is dreadful. It's hardly a review. Also he really should have let the "Mick Jagger" business go. it starts to look stange after a while.
  14. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    In my opinion it's "soul" as far an any instrumental can be considered soul music. The problem with tracks like AOTR is that the artist behind them in known If, to use an example, The Gallop had been written and performed by Mike Post and all other things b...
  15. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    Stop Girl is a brilliant record as is the flip - One By One. Whether it's a soul record or not can be argued for eternity. As a (insert other genre here) record it's superb and the label is very nice too. Actually the first label I ever heard applied to t...