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  1. maslar

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    And this is one of my favourite music clips regardless of genre - Billie Holiday - Fine and Mellow, with an ensemble of jazz legends (1957)
  2. maslar

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    It's difficult to choose just a few but here's three of my tops Bill Evans - My Man's Gone (Village Vanguard) Bassist Scott Lafaro was killed in a car crash just ten days after the recording aged just 25. John Coltrane - Equinox McCoy Tyner - African Village. The Real McCoy is one fo my top 60s jazz LPs but this is from Time For Tyner
  3. maslar

    Russian Spy

    No, it's to do with a story that surfaced right after the attack then went pretty quiet pretty quick Google Skripal Steele - he who cannot be named is direct a link.
  4. maslar

    Russian Spy

    According to reliable reports a D-notice was issued last week which forbids the media from naming or commenting on SS' MI6 handler who lives near to him. Stand by for more weather reports from Salisbury, interviews with the local tourist board and the chamber of commerce etc etc.
  5. maslar

    Russian Spy

    Yet strangely none of that is in the OPCW report. And the government, BBC and most of the media still say the exact opposite. We are living in strange times. Meanwhile we're fed garbage about toxic "hotspots". At great length and unnecessary detail. I now know they're digging down four inches and removing all the top soil. Then it's all being taken to Porton Down and examined . I've almost completely forgotten about the Skripals or whatever they were called.
  6. maslar

    Russian Spy

    I am NOT a Russian bot and I can prove it should the need arise. Thats is all.
  7. Why would you wait for a week? It's been nicked if its not at the depot. They know that.
  8. Sorry to be rude but I'm actualy quite surprised at how obviously completley clueless some people are in regards to buying from overseas. It's not that difficult to work out and if your item is over the relevant limit then it will not be delivered to your door. Surely you know this before you buy it? Why would you buy a record from the States and pay for charges that don't apply for it? At the point of purchase? Why would you buy anthing from anyone that's got a system rigged up that makes you pay charges that don't apply. - and then pay it? And then complain? why would you buy not knowing the correct limits for your particlular purchase? why woud you buy anything of anyone who is deliberatly and needlessly making it as difficult as he/she can for you as a buyer? Are these the same people who complain or refuse ot buy on a point of principle if they have to pay 50 pence over for UK post and packing? I'm genuinely curious.
  9. maslar

    Russian Spy

    Massive news if true - from The London Economic (viewed as reliable) I saw this a few weeks ago but didn't really take much notice. Could there be something in it? "A source close to Skripal has said he was investigating the collusion between the Internet Research Agency, AIQ, Cambridge Analytica and its parent company, SCL." Points to a Russian connection with CA https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/opinion/why-the-cambridge-analytica-scandal-could-be-much-more-serious-than-you-think/27/03/
  10. maslar

    Russian Spy

    A complete media shutdown . Galloway made a valid point the other day - why are no journalists asking these questions? Such as where are the Skripals? Whatever the reason they should still be seeking an explanation. That's their job. Instead there's complete silence.
  11. maslar

    Russian Spy

    As far as I'm aware - and I'll gladly be corrected- there has not yet been an official statement as to where the police officer NB was contaminated. Rumours and assumptions yes, but no definite statement. That is truly strange if true.
  12. Yes, as in (from a more recent era - mid 70s) the the segment in the Heatworn Highways film where Townes Van Zandt singing Waitin' Around To Die moves old Seymour Washington to tears. A great clip.
  13. maslar

    Russian Spy

    Ignoring the obvious flaming --- It looks like the story is about to enter a new stage as The Times, two months after the event, prints the name and photos of YS's fiancee and his mother and their supposed links to the Kremlin. Obviously whatever restrictions were placed on reporting them have now been lifted. Almost like its a new story/angle no one was previously aware of. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/skripal-fianc-linked-to-security-services-hgxzds8h2 On Friday Sky News screened an interview with a chemical weapons expert in Salisbury that seemed to revolve arond "touching": The expert demontrated how touching contaminates, using a touching motion. Touching seemed to the theme. The interviewer touched one of the cordon boards.Why I don't know. Meanwhile the Russian Ambassador to the UK was suggesting that the UK may have been responsible for the attack . And that the Skripals were being held against their will. Headline news surely? I don't think the BBC even made reference to it. https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2018-04-20/russian-ambassador-claims-britain-may-have-injected-skripals-with-nerve-agent/
  14. maslar

    Russian Spy

  15. I first saw the phase "country is the white man's blues" in The Story of Pop magazine I used to buy in the early 70s. I'm pretty sure it was attributed to a blues artist but I can't remember which one. But the country music they were referring to is what I'd call real country music, not just any old country and western or county pop.


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