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    Soul , Football and drinking !
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  1. micksoul

    Best Intro. To Record

    Always loved the drum intro to 'Im gonna make you love me' Edward Hamilton and purely for nostalgia reasons 'Heatwave' .
  2. micksoul


  3. micksoul

    Advert On The Itv Today

    Can remember going to Tonys new Empress ballroom nighter in Blackburn in 1987 on a coach from London that Ion was running , the fashion on the London scene was primerally mod and i remember this guy who came into Tonys in his regular street wear and then opening his holdall and changing into his Casino gear and remember thinking blimey they still wear these clothes up here
  4. Great stuff ... well done for tracking it down :thumbup:
  5. micksoul

    Peanut Duck

    I remembered seeing it in a sales box that night at the front of the 100 club stage , Im sure it was Ian Clarkes so he must have sold it on Kebs behalf Keb sold the 7 inch virtue dub [vocal & inst ] to Jason Haynes of Bedford many moons ago 1987ish because he showed me it on the nite @ The 100 club . Price £ 100 . Jason has sold it ages ago.
  6. micksoul

    Itv Motown Sunday 9Pm

    To be fair it did mention the snakepit and acknowledged the Funk brothers and played a soundbite of The Isley Bros track that used What becomes of the broken hearted tune ... I enjoyed it
  7. micksoul

    Northern Tracks That Don't Fade Out

    On the brink /Mike Vickers UK Columbia , one of those UK items we all dream about stumbling across in a charity shop !!
  8. micksoul

    1980's Northern Low Point

    The 80s was the peak of my venue going days , as well as being a regular at the 100 club i attended nighters at Blackburn , Peterborough , Dunstable , Mexborough ,Manchester and Mansfield . Remember the Mansfield nighters in particular were always rammed I was totally into the whole 60s mafia thing and thoroughly enjoyed that time on the scene
  9. micksoul

    100 Club Early Days Questions

    He did the cloakroom before the Pogues broke big , He'd stopped when i started going in late 86
  10. micksoul

    100 Club Early Days Questions

    I can remember getting up to the 100 late (about 2.30) in 1987 and the bouncers said id be ok to get in but id have to wait 5 minutes so im standing there and Shane Macgowan walked up with a girl on each arm and tried to get in . The bouncers wern't having it and told him he knew why! With that he just crossed the road and toddeld off down Wardour street
  11. micksoul

    Jock's View Of Soul

    I have that zine up in the loft along with all my old shades of soul and other mags/zines , these publications were essential reading back in the pre internet day , especially if you lived on the south coast and wanted to keep in touch with the scene in the north .
  12. micksoul

    Its A Cover Up?

    There was a lot more vinyl to discover back then so can see why DJs would want to keep their finds exclusive for as long as possible , there is no need to cover up records nowadays , most exclusives are acetates or one off copies so why keep it seceret ? Would love to know who 'You aint got a chance /Dianne Lewis' is really by
  13. micksoul

    Repeat Tunes Played Venues

    I think its ok if a dj is trying to break a new record , Keb was one for playing the same tune twice at the 100 club with their format of split sets suiting this , can remember hearing Jessie Davis 'Hang on in there girl' 3 times in 87 , Keb twice and George Sharpe inbetween !
  14. micksoul

    Stafford Top Of World - Popcorn?

    The tune that springs to mind being bootlegged too fast is George Blackwell 'Cant lose my head' , when i heard it at its correct speed i was amazed how sped up the boot was
  15. What a beautiful voice , 'I'll always love you' is one of my alltime favourite records ... sad news


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