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  1. Freddie North "Don't Make Me Look So Bad" & Wendell Watts were the winners of this disc for me all essential tracks anyway but those 2 had repeats on my home system the hairs were up on my neck which is a rarity itself these days i highly rate this cd & recommend for real soul fans. Thanks ady & the kent team for all the hard work, Kind regards,
  2. WheelCity45


  3. WheelCity45

    Vows: Tell Me

  4. WheelCity45

    A Taste of Honey Manchester 13th Dec

    One'sy Mack thats a classy record, top set
  5. Thanks for the time & energy a serious great effort of a mixed bunch ! The one after the Hesitations is a tasty track, Atb & have a merry soulful Xmas. Conner
  6. WheelCity45

    What's The Best Line In A Record?

    Wrote to perfection from start to finish, (A man aint born to life, just to die one day, just to turn to dust & be blown away, Don`t let the world beat you, Don't throw down your hopes & run, for no matter how grey the sky is today you had your place in the sun, A man`s much more than a grain of sand,) https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=29&v=FTTMuYwZH94
  7. WheelCity45

    Proper Rare One For A Sunday

    It`s a much better stronger take, The sound quality is more superior, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2g1e474AhE
  8. WheelCity45

    Tim Brown Auction: Katrinia Lynn (Sage)

    It`s you're opinion that counts Nick, I must admit it`s a bit early for my usual taste, maybe its young age lol, Just wanted to know if it had any past history on the scene etc, Atb,
  9. Looking at tim browns auction & interested in this: Katrinia Lynn - Talking About My Man (Sage) Is there any history of this record ??? I can`t find anything at all, Really has it for me & could be a big record in the right hands at the right place in terms of quality & rarity (Imho) Give this a listen for those unaware just for the break alone turns into a right stormer... What ya reckon ! http://www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk/auctions/
  10. WheelCity45

    Bradford Rarer / Underplayed Soul Club - 9Th May 2015

    Cracking set, would of love to hear this out loud: Appreciations - She never really loved me
  11. WheelCity45

    £20, Cellarful Of Motown,

    Hi, Cellarful Of Motown. Volume (8 cds of the finest unissued motown in spotless condition) Free p&p Atb,
  12. WheelCity45

    Jesse James - Double Sider

    Free Postage offer.
  13. WheelCity45

    Turntable Dj Belt Drive

  14. WheelCity45

    Turntable Dj Belt Drive

    Black Soundlab Belt Drive turntable. Including a brand new replaced belt & fairly new stylus stylus, £25.00 (Paypal) £4.99 (Postage)


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