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  1. Wow what a fantastic turnout 120 + through the doors, and a fantastic amout raised for the two charities total £1,405. We would like to thank all the dj's who gave their time for free, trinity club for giving us the room for free, sharon andrea and the girls for helping run the raffle, and all the soulies who turned up and gave donations. What also touched us was all the local soul clubs close bye getting on board and giving support in many ways thanks to coppenhall,moorville,the box,the potbank, and also jollies. Many thanks also to soul on top for their kind donation, and just to say that it
  2. not long to go now,had qute a few phone calls,looks like quite a few are coming including the old roebuck gang see you all tomorrow sharpie
  3. cheers mick we will try our very best to make loads for these very worthy charties, and have a great day of music also. Many thanks to everyone for your kind raffle donations,and any more of the same will be more than welcome. A big thank you to all the dj's, and all the folk who are attending.
  4. hi folks looking forward to this months soul fix guest this month is phil ankers who knows what works here at trinity. Dont forget to give your feet a treat on the best dance floor around,right here in the heart of newcastle town its self loads of food out lets and pubs close to the venue. Once youve been there wont be any dilemma where to go the last saturday of the month 6 years on and still buzzing. Heard a few of the old roebuck soulies are coming also ktf sharpie
  5. should be another top night once again kev Ellis keeping you all happy on our wonderful spring wooden dancefloor last months was a packer hope to see you all faces old and new at this friendly soul club others venues flyers are welcomed here and will be treated with respect see you all at the go go sharpie
  6. yes nige will be nice to see you both. Looking forward to your set also cheers dave
  7. Soulman1953


    cheers nige we will try are best regards sue n dave
  8. hope to make this one great dancefloor nice friendly place brilliant dj's fab room, heard quite a few are going so it should have the makings of a fantastic night. Simply one of the best venues in south cheshire forget the rest go the best ktf sharpie
  9. Soulman1953

    Coppenhall Soul

    coming over to catch up with some old crewe friends and give my ears a nice soul treat! See you friday guys Sharpie
  10. Soulman1953


    yes rob should be a great night mate
  11. looking forward to playing some great tunes at this friendly and well attended soul event cant wait remember folks politics come from people soul music comes out of speakers hope to have you all dancing happy new soul year to you all sharpie! ll
  12. Hi folks just a quick update for this event not many tickets left now if you want one please be quick.... Also due to the fantastic response we have had there will now be a free raffle for a magnum of prosecco see you all at the gogo! Sharpie
  13. yes sue cant wait to see what is the best dancefloor in Newcastle packed with dancers once again. "no talc needed" Sharpie
  14. Looking forward to another geat afternoon of music .mick sorted few tunes so i am ready willing and able see you you all sunday
  15. Soulman1953

    Coppenhall Soul

    Coming over to my home town not been for a while looks like being a good night great music and a meet up with old friends see you all later Sharpie

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