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  1. is superlatives still available pls?
  2. If you still got this I'll take it Ta bill
  3. ah malc,i would have done swaps.sold it for 80.00 b4 it went bananas. worth £200 now
  4. thanks for that , ill get back to seller.my fault also ,i guess, for not knowing that fact.
  5. hi all ,just bought a blue stax demo. the record has arrived and does not have demo anywhere on it.it just has a date stamp across a 3 pronged middle. can anyone post a picture of a uk blue stax demo up for me pls? ta bill
  6. just to add another facet,you can put aball in the back of the pocket. so our love is in the pocket could be it is secure,,,,or it means he has only one ball secure and any other balls may still be wandering about, or all balls may be loose except for the one that is er in the pocket ,so to speak.
  7. start sounds just like drifters - i count the tears, to my ears any way
  8. i like both of these for different reasons, great tunes both
  9. here ya go.my 15 betty everett too hot to hold artistics nothing but heartaches taurus and leo goimg out of the world backwards butlers laugh laugh laugh soul bros 6 yu better check tourself sly and fami;y stone m'lady tracie robbins thats what you are to me earles inc just an illusion michael and continentals little school girl escorts itchy coo miss madeleine lonely girl casuals on sq teardrops ,a sad face chi chi if youre gonna love me blendells dance with me wilmer and dukes give me one more chance prince ellis love will make yr mind go wild dont get out much so if these are overplayed.....apologies

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