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  1. alivus


  2. The first song is "One more chance"!
  3. Probably French issue on Soul Records released first, and after that it also released on Spanish Belter. I have a copy on SoulRecord (not for sale), but one thing is not so good is a short pauses between songs (almost no pauses at all). Good luck in your search mister!
  4. I love Bull & The Matadors "Apart of My Life" from Toddlin Town LP. Sad that it is so long before the release date
  5. It is available on 45rpm single, on Soul Clock label. Bought my copy from John Manship not too long ago. (think that it cost me about 50 GBP). Good luck with your searching.
  6. It looks that Ishola going to release his full lengh album including LP release. Can anybody provide more information?
  7. Exactly. Now i saw "Not For Sale" on left picture. Thanks
  8. Anyone has information about label design? I found 2 different versions. Thanks
  9. This world gone crazy )) For sure....

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