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  1. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    Only one for us that night in Doncaster has to be Parklands fantastic maple ballroom dancefloor NO Talc is needed!! Always a geat night at Parklands. Have a good one wherever you all may go!
  2. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    What a scorcher of a night. Good job we have Air- Conditioning.. Great night!! Some really good sounds 🎶 and in the company of some really good friends. Bring on July 29th
  3. Free Entry Bank Holiday Special Doncaster

  4. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    Nice one Debs & Dave..... We have Air~Con! See you later.... Xx
  5. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    Thankyou to everyone for making it yet another special night!
  6. ***Parklands DONCASTER Northern Soul Club***

    This venue has a great dancefloor and NO TALC is needed. Always a good night with a great crowd! Great selection of music! Thankyou to everyone for your support. Regards Shaz and Mick
  7. ***Parklands DONCASTER Northern Soul Club***

    Thankyou waynerowe for your feed back. Hope you come back to see us again! Regards Shaz and Mick
  8. ***Parklands DONCASTER Northern Soul Club***

    See you 2 lovelies later Xx
  9. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    Top night as per usual.... Looking forward to the next one! 25th March
  10. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    See you both later! Xx
  11. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    Looking forward to seeing you Mops. It's been a while... Xx
  12. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    3 things make a venue for me and that's 1......A good dance floor where no talc is needed.. 2...... Great music 3..... Lovely friendly people And this is what Parklands has.... Great night roll on the 25th February....
  13. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    Parklands "Oh what a night!"..Must say thank~you to Karen & Dave for coming to Dj for us..To my darling hubby for all his hard work.. I set out only to do half an hour due to me being ill.. But ended up doing a full hour and although I was in slight pain I carried on.. Seeing people dancing and enjoying themselves made me very happy.. Not being behind the decks since August.. Boy did it feel good gave me a buzz which I'm sure acted as a pain relief.. .Was a great night filled with lovely people some of who travelled from near and far.. Thank~you very much to all of you for your support..It wouldn't of been a success without you all.. Hope to see you all again next month.... Soul~ful Regards
  14. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    See you 2 lovelies in a bit Xx
  15. ***Parklands Northern Soul Club***

    Nice one Ian.. See you there.

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