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    Carstairs-it really hurts me girl
  1. If he hasn't claimed the payment yet (which he may have to do, has he wasn't the original seller), then when you view the payment sent transaction there should be a cancel payment option there. Hope this may help. Ian
  2. Ian Paul

    Paul Kendrick - Love Has No Pride

    Paul Kendrick was a member of UK Rock/Prog group Czar,
  3. Hi Bob, A collector friend of mine in Toronto was asking me to supoply him with both their Polydor singles back in '78. He saw them on tour there in '73. They were formed by Joel 'Bunny' Brown, you can find his bio and details about the group here:: On my monitor the bio print came up in yellow!?? So I had to left click and drag to get it to show in blue. Anyway, hope this helps. Ian
  4. Ian (Dewhirst), I'm sure it was you who purchased off my mate a Bill Brandon "Whatever I am, I'm Yours" on a lovely white Moonsong demo, (probably £3-£4) at a Wigan oldies allnighter, circa 1978. Also didn't you have the sI Hightower for offers on the back page of that large sales booklet you sent out, agian circa 1978? I think I purchased 2 odd UK demo things, Craig Preuss "Moving In The Direction Of Love" and something by ..
  5. This is a real record and was nothing to do with Mr. Soussan. I spoke to Eddie Daniels a few years ago, he was still singing/touring in a Platters tribute band. He didn't even have a copy, and I think he said a guy who owned a chain of launderettes put up the money for the pressing. The assumption of a Soussan connection probably comes from the label name 'boot'. I don't think it turns up for sale that often. Ian
  6. Chocolate Buttermilk Band: Freakin' 12" Splendours: Risky 7" Johnnie Walker's X-1: Thinking Bout Your Love 7" Candy Martin: My Point Of View (Nice obscure 80's Sweet Soul) 7" All with sound clips
  7. Sir Dre, Arthur "Bo" Ponder, Joe Stubbs 12" http://stores.ebay.c...preacherrecords
  8. Ian Paul

    Few More Of My 70's Wants

    Have:- Tyrone Barkley (Midsong) in EX Condition @ £30 Cletus Marland (Terry) in EX @ £10
  9. Ian Paul

    Jerms - I'm A Teardrop (honor Brigade)

    I have a yellow label issue in EX condition for sale @ £15. "I'm A Teardrop" b/w "Green Door". Paypal taken.
  10. Ian Paul

    Can You Help?

    I have a copy of Executive Jam for sale. Near Mint-£110 inc.. special delivery. Selling due to not really my taste. Send PM if interested. paypal taken.