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    music...northern soul and modern house stuff. sailing, motorcycling and traveling.
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    rita and the tiaras.gone with the wind is my love
  1. for about 20yrs ive been into techo house stylie, stuff like armin van buuren et al, winds my kids up a good un. first love is still northern soul. i think its the hard bassy beats that i like in house. ;)
  2. not forgetting the Reading contingent...as you said Spin, it was our Wigan though some of us where still doing the trip up north now and again.
  3. looks like a renault 4 in the background of the supremes video.
  4. i have had a white label that says its by the subway riders. had mine over 30yrs now and imho its still the best version. the flipside is highly scratched but it seems to be a comical song.
  5. just you tubed it and that sounds familiar
  6. my memory is not so good but im sure there was a tune played mainly at Yate that was supposedly by Tom and Jerry that im sure was Simon and Garfunkle.
  7. senior moment coming up...did Genebro ever release it cos as i see it margaret has the only copy. good story though.
  8. and the date is wrong too.. is it not 1964 or 67
  9. we used to do Reading to Wigan by coach that left southampton and stopped at Newbury/Oxford. i sometimes went by car but that was a nightmare journey. up the A34 to brum then the M6. coming home took allday nearly, having to stop for a kip. St Ives was just as bad. no M25 in.them days. up the M1 to bedford then the A1. broke down one morning in the mini near godmanchester (do you remember, mark bicknell) halcyon days...
  10. i went out last saturday to a do in a bar and danced for the first time in 32 yrs, a little bit shy but after a while it was ok. showed a few young uns up.
  11. this last 3 months i have been bidding on various copies of Barbara Randolph..i,ve got a feeling each time on different labels, soul, motown, tamala motown and in desperation even on a dutch tamla motown in orange. then bugger me i keep losing always in the last minute and by one bid though ive been the only bidder for a week or so. whats going on? rant over..
  12. £132 on amazon uk and £81 on amazon us... ripped off again

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