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  1. Indywoman


  2. Hi All Thanks for the comments - I'm blushing! Still loving my dancing - just been to Stoke for a boogie this weekend. Here's a few updates ... Liz is living in Cyprus now but coming over to stay next week. Last I heard Gill from Luton was living in Spain - she turned up at St Ives reunion a few years ago Greta married Guy and they are still in the Aldershot area - they were at the party Jill from Sway is in the pic with me and the cake Ann from Windsor was a fantastic dancer and a lovely girl - don't know what happened to her after she dropped off the scene Yes, it is Roger in the pic on the wall - and Pete Wid I will try and put up some more pix from the night at there were so many faces who I hadn't seen for ages. I'll also try and name them. Cheers all Judy
  3. Indywoman

    St. Ives 1977

    Just seen this thread ... I remember it well. I was looking for somewhere to get changed and found myself in a room where the Mayor and his cohorts were meeting pre their inspection. Being keen to get on the dance floor I asked if it was ok for me to get changed and proceeded to switch into my glad rags in a corner of the room - behind a screen I think. They asked me about the soul nights and people and I was keen for them to meet everyone - so for some reason I took time out from my usual place as one of the early birds out on the floor to introduce them to some people. I do remember being asked by one of the mature ladies to introduce her to the fit young guys dancing their socks off!
  4. Indywoman

    Name These Faces

    Have been in touch with Jeff via Friends Reunited; that's how I know he's back in Shevington. Can't remember his friends name but lived locally at Shevington too. Jeff was in the Navy and often went to nighters with me and others from down South.
  5. Indywoman

    Name These Faces

    Yes, Jeff Nugent - and still around Wigan today!
  6. Indywoman

    Name These Faces

    I think the guy on the left is Sammie from Wigan - who was a chef in the Navy.
  7. Indywoman

    Judy's 50th Birthday Party

    Pix from my party in Oct 08 - loads more but taking for ever to load one by one!
  8. Indywoman

    Camberly, Surrey

    Hi, Just a senior moment! It's, meeeeee I've never seen these pix - where are they from? Who was on stage? Jx
  9. Indywoman

    Camberly, Surrey

  10. Indywoman

    Oldest Pair Of Dance Shoes Male/female

    Ahh the shoes ... First there were the soft white granny shoes worn with ankle socks Then the black platform sole lace ups with socks Then the black leather nurses lace ups with small heels and black stockings (those who were at Yate one night when Tom Halvey held me upside down to show them off might remember!) Then came the black spanish flamenco shoes with little straps - bought in 1983 and still going strong! You'll just have to guess what they're worn with ... Once wore a pair of little black boots to dance in - they were great but somehow didn't look the part. Just invested in two new pairs of shoes though - some glittery ballroom strappies with suede soles and a new pair of flamenco shoes with smooth, soft leather soles. Ahhh shoes
  11. I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to my 50th birthday party on Saturday in Reading. People travelled from all over the country including from Barnsley and Shropshire. Jon Buck even came at midnight for the last hour and brought his dog!!! There were folks that I hadn't seen for almost 30 years and some who hadn't seen each other for even longer. The DJs were on top form - thanks to Derek Mead for organising them (and the photographer which was an inspired pressie). His task was a bit like herding cats I think, but all played the best of the best sounds - loads of favourites plus some great tunes that rarely get an outing. The floor (and carpet) was packed all night! So, special mention to Dave Greet, Tony Ellis, Roger Stewart, Pete Wid, Derek Mead, Rob from Newbury - I hope I've mentioned everyone but I was so busy dancing and socialising I couldn't keep track all the time. I now have a cellar full of the best Champagne and have already scoffed loads of exotic chocs. The house is full of cards and other gifts too. Will try and contact all of you to say personal thanks. Looking forward to the next one ... Love to you all Judy PS will load pix when I work out the technology
  12. Hi Jack is still around and attends a few events - I've seen him at Stoke loads of times. Katie Rudd is still in Huntingdon and Spud Taylor isn't! But he's still around on the soul scene.
  13. Anyone know the whereabouts of Sammy from Wigan - was a chef in the Navy back in the 80s based in Portsmouth. I think his real name was Jeff Nugent and he had another friend also called Jeff who lived in Wigan too. cheers


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