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  1. until

    We are on the case i dont see sept happening, It would be good if normality resumes as we are or should be on hols in sept
  2. until

    we have tickets for the tower in may which has been moved to sept ?? there seems to be a reluctance to refund ticket money so i would NOT buy tickets for any event in the near future We also have tickets to see George Clinton in June and have been refunded NO problems I hope this helps
  3. until

    Best to reimburse the ticket money not PASS it on to September. As if the WORLD is back to normality many will be elsewhere in which we are included. Stay safe and refund as and where necessary. ?
  4. until

    Is this event being cancelled best to make your decision asap ???
  5. Thanks for the update we were heading over it maybe a case of the committeevirus that has spread through out our committee run clubs. Shame on YOU
  6. A good enforced move, I am sure the GREAT work will continue to a venue that's steeped in NS history. See you all later............
  7. Thanks for the advice and my birthday the day before and for a very good cause Jeff
  8. Hi Glyn Carl P is this ticket only ? If so can I reserve 2 on the door ?? Jeff
  9. Looking forward to my first visit to the Spa and on the decks to boot..... Plus Plus LCFC on the TV !!!!!!
  10. looking forward to my first visit to the baguth wmc and on the door step nice one young fletch see you Saturday
  11. A great little club, friendly atmosphere and no politics
  12. A top night at Quorn soul club Loughborough its a hidden gem. I am really looking forward to playing a set to a knowledgeable crowd and in a great friendly atmosphere.......... We missed July's due to the Ashby scooter rally so let's bring it on
  13. I have heard it danced to it John Pugh has it and I believe its Blue Max on vocals ( RIP).......
  14. We paid our first visit in May and what a great night it was very friendly as always superb dance floor and all in a good setting well worth a visit ,,,,,,,,,, SOULS BEST KEPT SECRET.........................
  15. With over a thousand scooters booked in for Ashbys first ever scooter rally its sure to be a great day for all.
  16. jjwetone

    Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club

    loads of free parking on south street opposite the venue please ignore the street view as its WRONG
  17. jjwetone

    TIP TOP Soul club

    looking forward to this one hopefully the first of more to come it should be a tip top knight
  18. jjwetone

    Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club

    Superb location with Great like minded music lovers, I was honoured to do the last spot at the first event here and enjoyed every second.
  19. jjwetone

    Ashby De La Soul

    The last one was 5* superb venue with a balcony bar..................
  20. jjwetone


    It will be my first long overdue visit and with our local brew Simon Hunt on the decks we know were in for a good good night
  21. jjwetone

    Brighouse alldayer

    The best venue and dance floor on planet earth NO TALC required
  22. jjwetone

    Ashby De La Soul

    Great choice of venue and a balcony bar to boot...........see you saturday
  23. jjwetone


    Hopefully the new owners will see the light and support your nights. light and night no pun intended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. jjwetone

    Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club

    Were looking forward again to this superb Sunday soul session in Ashby and what could be an excellent change of venue. You are best to enter from the FREE South Street car park entrance and follow your soul...........

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