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  1. Hello I can get them off of here. Thanks denise
  2. Tobi Lark Talk To An Angel I'll Steal Your Heart Palmer PROMO 5000 great shine to vinyl side a mint - side b one mark no noise vg ++ Never saw me post before? I have a Detroit area store Melodies & Memories (Facebook) and a EBay store Melodies and Memories Music Outlet. Since 1988! We have over 75,000 more common stocked original 45's if you want to send me a list. We also carry LP's and have a vast used assortment in all genres. best offer on this beauty!
  3. Many years ago we purchased the GOLDEN WORLD clock that hung outside the studio. It now adorns the inside of our record store.
  4. I do collect Motown personally, because that's what I grew up with and have fond memories of, but only if they come in though the store. I Never know what walks in day to day. Detroit and the sounding area has so many records to sell. It's exciting to see what we get in to purchase.
  5. In your opinion what is the best site to find that "hard to find" Northern Soul record? As I am always curious - Thanks for your input
  6. Currently working on a collection we just got in of MOTOWN etc with juke box strip. From a distributor that worked filling juke boxes when the new records came out. (Wish I could of been there) CHECK IT OUT MELODIES AND MEMORIES MUSIC OUTLET our facebook store is Melodies & Memories (pictures posted of inside of the store)
  7. I have this 45 ending today on Ebay - a few others also listed for buy it now and a few on auction. http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Swinging-Tigers-45-Snake-Walk-TAMLA-NORTHERN-SOUL-/390403960489?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item5ae5e3aea9 Melodies and Memories Music Outlet
  8. I have a great copy of Andrea Henry The Grass Is Greener on EBAY. Just a little over a day left! Melodies and Memories Music Outlet http://www.ebay.com/itm/Andrea-Henry-45-The-Grass-Is-Greener-MGM-NORTHERN-SOUL-/260987487165?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item3cc41103bd
  9. Anybody interested in The Strides - I Can Get Along/The Stride on M-S Records 202. The 45 is mint- with a blemish on the A side, but diesn't affect play. GREAT COPY!
  10. Putting this on Ebay for auction now and many other Northern Soul over the next few weeks. Check out Melodies and Memories Music Outlet! store.bmp
  11. Sorry for the confusion, the flip side is Tired Of Staying Home. The labels are identical on both sides and state You Say You Love Me. This 45 is a duplicate error of the labels - not a promo!
  12. The correct song is on one side, but another different tune is on the other side.
  13. I have a question maybe someone can help me with - I have a Dee Edwards Tuba 1706 with the same song listed on both sides (You Say You Love Me). I just can't find any info on this 45 with the same title, but according to many sites the flip is suppose to be Tired Of Staying Home. HELP?