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  1. soul shrews

    RIP Aretha

    So sad to hear the news. But Aretha will always sparkle in our hearts Cheers Paul
  2. soul shrews

    Aretha gravely ill

    Afraid not Ed, she is having hospice care at home. How I wish she was on the mend too Cheers Paul
  3. soul shrews

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Not looked but I"d wager no ones put this up Just happy its the weekend Cheers Paul
  4. soul shrews

    Bad soul doo's

    Freda never a soul singer ????? Wash your ears out please Cheers Paul
  5. soul shrews

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Flipside of Wendy Renee is "What Will Tommorrow Bring" Yours is probably some re-issue Cheers Paul
  6. soul shrews

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Or was she just miserable Cheers Paul
  7. soul shrews

    California Soul

    Groove Merchant record store, just up the road from Rookys, is worth a visit too. Cheers Paul
  8. soul shrews

    California Soul

    I"ve always got on well with Dick @ Rookys, been going there every few years since 1999. He moved accross the road a couple of years ago which threw me into confusion last time I was there but quicly recovered my composure. Worth asking to see his "good box" too although he does get cleaned out of the rarer stuff by enthousiastic locals these days. Last time I was in SF I went to a new store to me in the Hayes Valley area called I think "Original Records" which had a good selection of soul/jazz LPs plus some decent soul 45s and that "good box" was once again behind the counter. A very good "Lowrider " night @ the Makeout Room on some Tuesday nights. Also google "Sweater Funk" for a good accross the board selection of soul nights at various venues Cheers Paul
  9. soul shrews

    Harry kane

    I wonder if Kane was carrying an injury during those last couple of games ? Not the 3rd place play off Cheers Paul
  10. soul shrews

    Harry kane

    Yes Sterling ran and ran and........... er ran and not much else Cheers Paul
  11. soul shrews

    Artist or group beginning with the letter K

    Kaldirons Cheers Paul
  12. Logged out as soon as I went back to Paypal so no probs
  13. Hi after buying a copy via the link I could not log out of Paypal (Maybe my non computer savvy) left the page and went back to Paypal where I was still logged in. Anybody else had this ? Cheers Paul
  14. soul shrews

    Harry kane

    I was screaming at the tele for Southgate to bring him off during the semi final Cheers Paul
  15. soul shrews

    Another Poll version battle.

    I remember Richard Searling playing Susan Barrett @ Wigan Oldies nighter and introducing it as "the soul version". I had no idea she was a white artist untill I read the 1st post in this thread, and really don"t care. I like Dusty Springfield a lot, especially her Philly LP, but still prefer Ms Barrett"s version on this song Cheers Paul


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