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  1. Since the sad sad loss of Marvin Junior I have been in daily contact with David Service (Bass Player for The Dells). He has informed me Marvins family have made an obituary site for him Check it out there are some amazing personal photos to be seen. Well put together site for a mighty mighty man. You can also post on there too. Mandy (Mrs Shrews)
  2. Mine today & ditto the above. Thanks Mark ! Cheers Paul
  3. Must admit thats the 1st time I've heard The Mystics and as Amsterdam Russ says it does sound fresh and exciting. However I can remember Jimmy Burns as a fresh exciting tune for Richard Searling late 70s early 80s so Mr Burns will get my vote. Seem to remember @ that time the only DJs playing Brand New Faces were those who didn't have Jimmy Burns. I quite liked its quirkiness then. Will give it a listen as not heard it since but Jimmy Burns for me Cheers Paul
  4. No record lists but some Locarno memories here Cheers Paul
  5. Brilliant work Russell. You are the Sherlock Holmes of acetates !!! Cheers Paul
  6. Terrible news. One of my favourite groups @El Corol good choice but check the flipside. Lowrider Classic Cheers Paul
  7. Think Rod Dearlove the "Voices" head honcho had a deal with Mrs Armstead to put them out, The vinyl that is. 100% legit CD was later Cheers Paul
  8. As no ones posted this yet Mr Dearlove coinded her "The Empress of Chicago Soul" in a Voices issue once. I wouldn't argue Cheers Paul
  9. The sound on my promo copy drops/fades about halfway through. Anyone else noticed this ? Luckily I bought it for the "Showdown" side which plays fine so no worries Cheers Paul
  10. Sad news RIP Bobby Jonz thank you for the music. Cheers Paul
  11. Now I look at that picture again it does look like you Pip I only remember Sam & Arthur DJing there but must have been more I guess ? Cheers Paul
  12. Awful news, Such a wonderful artist RIP Betty

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