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  1. Arrived here in Holland yesterday. Looks fantastic. Well done Gilly ! Cheers Paul
  2. soulade on discogs is @Ady Pountain on here. Also has nice records in great condition Cheers Paul
  3. https://www.soultrader45s.co.uk Kev always has some nice records in great condition. On here @Kjw Cheers Paul
  4. My 1st 45 this year Closely followed by Michael J Kirklands 2 new(ish) 45s "Closer" & "Stay Don;t Go" Literally all 3 fell on the doormat today but I ordered Mike & Censations a few days earlier so theres the winner ! Also recieved a couple of LPs last Thursday but they were sent on 24th November 2020 so don;t count for this thread. A Michael J Kirkland hat-trick, not a bad way to start 2021 !!!
  5. Les McCann "Sad Little Girl" Cheers Paul
  6. Moniters "Share A Little Love" Cheers Paul
  7. Hi John There was a thread on here some years ago re different city versions. I remember Dave Thorley mentioning a Detriot version. So I guess there is one. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi David The guy on the left at the front (as you look) is Phil Davies from Burnley. He"s on FB Cheers Paul
  9. Red label boot as well though isn"t there ? Cheers Paul
  10. The only Xmas song I have ever liked and the only one I will ever like Humbug !! Paul
  11. Rooky Ricardos have a FB account Cheers Paul
  12. Hi Benji According to my good friend Harry van Vliet (fingerpoppinsoul.amsterdam ) & he is the picture sleeve meister There is no German 45 release Cheers Paul
  13. Two Doug Carn LPs on Black Jazz featuring Jean Carne Revelation& Infant Eyes Cheers Paul
  14. A real original and wonderful singer. One of the alltime greats. Thank you Mr Allen you will stay with us forever Cheers Paul

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