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  1. Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    Anyone know what sort of show is planned? Will he be doing his solo Invictus/ Warner Bros/Columbia stuff or a Motown songbook kinda thing? Cheers Paul
  2. world cup draw...

    I agree Mike group D looks interesting. Group F might well be entertaining Cheers Paul
  3. world cup draw...

    As a Euro., not beyond, member, and ex-pat @ that. My view is as usual England will play 3 games and then go back home. Tis a shame Wales didn"t qualify Cheers Paul
  4. Alfie Kahn Sound Orchestra - Law Of The Land

    May have been recorded 74 and released 76 ? Also maybe released earlier than 76 in Germany Cheers Paul
  5. Japan soul scene.

    Send Flynny a PM Cheers Paul
  6. Originals - Demos or just issues ?

    1st US issue is a dull green colour and has number 300 S 2nd US issue is a brighter green and number J 300 There are a few other text differences with the two issues but the above are the obvious ones Not he...
  7. Originals - Demos or just issues ?

    see next post
  8. Poll: Version Battle - I Got The Need

    Must admit I hadn"t played the Moments for about 15 years or so (untill 10 mins ago when I saw the reply, but only on YT so not the best sound for me) but have played Spooky & Sues often to check condition before selliing. Still not convinced its the same...
  9. Poll: Version Battle - I Got The Need

    Au contraire if its a different mix if only slightly (and I am not convinced yet) then its not the same backing. Ooo la la Paul
  10. Poll: Version Battle - I Got The Need

    Moments for me and no Spooky & Sue is not the same backing Cheers Paul
  11. fingerpoppinsoul Amsterdam

    Hi heres last Thurdays fingerpoppinsoul show from Amsterdam with special guest soul sourcerer tlscapitol ! Fingerpoppin Soul #1253 09 11 2017 ft Timmy Leonard By Fingerpoppinsoul FromAmsterdam Cheers Paul
  12. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    Yes indeed noss great flip Cheers Paul
  13. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    Get the LP Geoff, its cheaper and a good LP too Cheers Paul
  14. Valerie Simpson thread

    And these guys have still got it !!!
  15. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Kenny Gamble ? Cheers Paul