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    richard caiton id like to get near you
  1. Soul Music Record Fair Big Thanks

    Hi Mark, Thoroughly enjoyable day out with a great selection of records on show and at affordable prices. Definitely worth making the trip up from South London. If you change to a sunday the 30th october would be good as it is the day after the...
  2. Kent Drake

    Anybody have a copy of Kent Drake 7" Boss Thing Together for sale...Thanks.
  3. Prices For Lp's Please

    I managed to get £100 for the Bobby Thurston 2nd issue about five years ago.
  4. Moon Williams On Djm

  5. I have the Carl Marshall LP which i bought off ebay about 5 years ago for about $200 it is a 80 or 81 release unfortunatly it is in storage at the moment but i will pull it out next week if you want any details of track listing.
  6. I sold an issue copy a few weeks ago with the ballad b-side for £240 to japan.
  7. Does anybody know anything about a group called Broken Hearts that appeared on the show in 1975,and has anyone got any videos showing wild honey and the chants on the show.