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  1. Hi folks! I`m looking for: Angel Face - Listen baby Kirby Leigh - Lonely Walking Blues Andy Wilson - johnny and marie Please send a Pm. Many thanks for any help Cheers
  2. jetzeschrei

    Jeb Stuart & Roger Mores

    Hi folks! I‘m looking for Jeb Stuart - A big blue world Roger Mores - The Sharck Thanks for looking! Cheers Gunnar
  3. Hi Folks Looking for: The Inn Crowd - Run Clarence Run Gloria Irving - I Need A Man Lloyd Price - Frog Legs Doug Johnson - Slip Knot Please send a pm. Thanks for looking Cheers Gunnar
  4. jetzeschrei

    Honey Welch - Woman child / It's me girl

    Thanks Marc! I saw but this copy is in bad condition.
  5. Hi folks Looking for Honey Welch - Woman child / It's me girl If you can help please send a PM. Any help will be most appreciated. Cheerio Gunnar
  6. Hi folks! Looking for: The Martiniques - Broken Hearted Me Chuck Collins - Your Heart Wasn’t In It Morine & The Zercons - Let A Woman Through Viceroys - Not Too Much Twist Ray Rivera - Troubles, Troubles Thanks for looking! Please send me a PM. All the best Gunnar
  7. jetzeschrei


    Hi folks! Looking for the THE SHEPPARD BROTHERS - MESS UP MY MIND / HOLD ME CLOSER Thanks for looking. All the best Gunnar
  8. Looking for: Roger Mores - The Sharck The Sterlings - Hey Boy Randy McKee - No Doubt About It Wayne Champion - Don't Panic Baby Ree Flores & The Duprell's - Fine Girl Thanks for looking! Cheers Gunnar
  9. Hi folks I'm looking for The Trends - If You Don't Dig The Blues Please send me a pm. Thanks for any help!
  10. jetzeschrei


  11. Hi Folks Looking for: Syd Dale - Hellraiser C.C. Jones - Find yourself a new thing The 3 Blue Jays - All in One Thanks for looking!
  12. " Looking for Ronnie Cook - Super Fine Girl " pm please thanks mates!
  13. jetzeschrei

    Jimmy Moore - Church Street Sally

    Hi mates looking for a playable copy of JIMMY MOORE - CHURCH STREET SALLY. PM me please IMMY MOORE -- CHURCH STREET SALLY
  14. PM me please. Thanks for looking!
  15. Looking for: The Quotations - Listen my Children and you shall hear Zenobia Bonner - All Alone Speedy Cal - Broom Stick Rider George Hughley - Do the Beatle "Top Cash waiting" PM me please Thanks for looking


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