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    Northern Soul,Crossover.
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    Don Ray - Born a loser/Willie Wade-Come into my world
  1. Dirk9

    Just A Few Modern / Crossover

    Thanks Steve! +1! LG Dirk
  2. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    I'm excited! (I've been neglecting SS, that's not good) Rejoice!
  3. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    Was late, but I flitted back home ... The "Plattenaufleger" Steve has entertained me brilliantly! Nick has spoken slowly for a minute, I finally understood what. The chat writes sentences in German, which amuses me. Beautiful evening ... unfortunately much too short!
  4. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    Lyrics to go...! Bis denne!
  5. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    Steve, it was a little stale aftertaste. I like British humor. and I'm not offended. Really! Yes I collect old cameras, look ... http://www.ebay.de/itm/spiegelreflexkammera-/251050620739?pt=DE_Alte_Kameras&hash=item3a73c87743 Dirk
  6. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    Be careful with humor and sarcasm! Nice fellow's and a nice evening! Dirk
  7. RIP MCA ! :(, so sad.

    1. Alison H

      Alison H

      Very sad :o( 47 is no age!! RIP x

  8. Dirk9

    Sweet Soul For Lovers And Loners Alike

    Hi Sam, was a really nice soulful hour (April 27th), with lots of diversity, great show! The older, I listen also to! Bye Dirk
  9. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    He, he LARP-Melly:) Dirk
  10. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    Hallo Jon, dank Dir f¼r den sch¶nen Abend! Thanks also to Nick "Topsy" and Mell (Pat Lewis photo I've seen!) (Your studio is really small.) Thanks also to the chat, am looking forward to the next Tuesday! VG Dirk
  11. Yepp, there is a lot older! Sorry! VG Dirk
  12. St.George & Tana - Without your heart Don Ray- Born a loser The Cliffhangers - Since you've been gone David Huff - Mary Browne Le Blanc & Carr - Stronger Love The Soul Machine - Hang out The Harvey Averne Dozen -.Think it over Jerry Fuller - Turn to me Bernard Smith & Jokers Wild -Gotta be reason Athens Rogues - She could love me Pieces of Eight - Come back girl Flash Gordon and the Magnums - Loving you Frank Gari - Love, That's Where It Is Nooney Rickett - A man needs love/Player play on London and the Bridges - Keep him VG Dirk
  13. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    This was again a nice evening, 720 miles away, so what ... Del from Oxford has entertained me great ... Nick, I admire your strength ... keep it up! Eventually, I shake your hand ... all of you! In the backround ... Mel was laughing. You're right: Laughin' is the best medicine! The chatroom was nice to me! What more could you want! Dirk
  14. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    Nick, i 'am very sorry about your loss. Yours sincerely, Dirk
  15. Dirk9

    Banbury Internet Radio

    Mel!...6 Becks? That I no longer make it! :rofl: I'm getting old. Knowledge of the day: My wifey is loving again


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