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  1. Originals Of Sight & Sounds

    Anyone help me out with this want....? Originals Of Sight And Sounds "Long Boots/have Marcy" on J.J.I. Immediate payment waiting. Cheers..........Pete

    Assumed I had an original for years until I got the magnifying glass out. Went safe and found a red issue.
  3. Buster & Eddie billy prophet

    I'd say around £350 for B&E issue and £750 for BP w/d although in today's daft market this might be 20% too low. Cheers..........Pete
  4. Jimmy Raye Wanted

    Looking for a clean looking VG+ or better copy of "Philly Dog Around The World" on original KKC. Thanks in advance........Pete
  5. Anglo American Auction Results

    No Paul I didn't... would have definitely bought it too
  6. Anglo American Auction Results

    Anyone record these? I'm particularly interested in the Jonathan Capree and Gwen & Ray results. Cheers.............Pete
  7. Cracked Up Over You

    Lee Rogers for me although I only heard it many years after Danny White. Took me a while to find a decent copy of the correctly spelled version instead of "Craked Up..."
  8. Lester Tipton - crikey

    I heard this copy played on the seller's mixcloud broadcast and, yes there was plenty of bacon frying going on but I'd put it more at VG- and you might get away with it over a big sound system at 3am.
  9. Suffering Wrath Price please

    Seems to be in excess of £400 these days for a NM copy
  10. Forris Woods or David Morris-Stoned on Love

    According to 45Cat.com DM was the first release in 1969, also more desirable in my opinion because of the flip "I'd Rather Switch Than Fight" Cheers............Pete
  11. Soul Incorporated info please

    Thanks everyone... so definitely a "recent" discovery, ie never played in the 70s?
  12. Soul Incorporated info please

    Does anyone know who first played "My Proposal" and when & where? Back in the day or relatively recently? Cheers............Pete
  13. Joe Matthews.... info please

    Yeah that's my point, did whoever pressed the limited run 20 years ago or whenever do so with all the necessary permissions and licences? If so it's a legal release, if not it's just another bootleg.
  14. Joe Matthews.... info please

    But it was released in the 80s (allegedly) and it's this one I'm trying to authenticate. If it was all above board then this becomes a legitimate original doesn't it?
  15. Joe Matthews.... info please

    Yeah I saw that thanks Dave... still inconclusive in my mind though. I'll have a chat with JM to understand what led him to declare it to be legit (by default) in the price guide books.