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  1. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Booted on a black label.. in the 80s I think. The w/d is rare enough but there's also a beige issue you never see. Total number of known copies?.... hard to say but my guess would be less than 20 and one of those that would go mental at auction methinks. O...
  2. Carol Anderson

    Taking My Mind Off Love / I'm Not Worried on WHIP. Decent copy required please, immediate payment waiting. Cheers...........Pete
  3. The 21st Australian National Northern Soul Weekender



    Loads of mint demos suggests a radio station haul. Must have picked up plenty of shite too, so I guess what we're seeing on eBay is the cream of the crop. On the other hand I could be totally wrong
  5. The 21st Australian National Northern Soul Weekender


    VENUE ANNOUNCEMENT The Perth 2018 National “I Just Kept On Dancing” will be held over 4 days starting on Thursday 1st and ending on Sunday 4th November. As is always the case in Perth, the venue search has been very challenging mainly due to licencing restrictions and having-a-laugh prices, but we did a comprehensive evaluation of all available venues and are confident we’ve nailed it. Contracts have been agreed and the format is 95% sorted so here are the details I can share at this time… WEDNESDAY 31st OCTOBER Early birds meet & greet somewhere in the city. THURSDAY 1st NOVEMBER – IRISH CLUB – 1 ROOM We’ve been using the Irish Club in Subiaco every month for the last 21 years and we wanted to involve the club in this year’s event.. so we’re having a night of underplayed across the board soul. First needle drops at 7 until either midnight or possibly 1am. FRIDAY 2nd NOVEMBER – EMPIRE FUNCTION CENTRE – 1 ROOM Me & Kev checked out this venue 15 years ago and we were blown away, however at that time the Aussie scene was still a bit fixated on allnighters and sprung timber floors so it was reluctantly dismissed. Nowadays though, when a nice cup of hot chocolate and 7 hours kip seem more important, we think it’s perfect It’s conveniently located just north of the city with a huge dancefloor, 2 separate bars and plenty of seating. The manager even whispered to us that sometimes people sprinkle talc on the floor to facilitate smoother dancing J..little does he know. First needle drops at 7 until 1am. SATURDAY 3rd NOVEMBER – EMPIRE FUNCTION CENTRE – 2 ROOMS Same as above but with a second room operating downstairs in the Italian Club. SUNDAY 4th NOVEMBER – VICTORIA HALL – 2 ROOMS We’re off to the seaside! In a first for the Perth Nash, we’ve secured the Victoria Hall in Fremantle and we’re going back to basics with a 120 year old building boasting two rooms with timber dancelfoors. We’re still negotiating the start time but this gig will end at midnight. In addition to the above, we will be organising afternoon gatherings on Thursday, Friday & Saturday afternoons including record sales & merchandising, venues TBA. The full programme of events will shortly be promoted on FB, and also populated on www.perthsoul.com including maps, transport links and accommodation suggestions. KEEP ON DANCING....... PN18 ORGANISING COMMITTEE
  6. Agreed Gareth but what was the point when it's already such an obvious boot?
  7. Leslie Uggams Original or Boot

    Original b/w demo.....
  8. Certainly looks nothing like the rare west coast b/w demo but why would the bootlegger go to the extreme lengths of staining the label to deceive buyers after having already committed the schoolboy error of missing out some credits?
  9. The 21st Australian National Northern Soul Weekender


    ....but without the wellies and bobhats
  10. The 21st Australian National Northern Soul Weekender

    The Aussie National comes of age. 2 decades after what seemed like a whimsical idea of gathering all Aussie based Northern Soul fans together for a big party, here we are still at it. Not just Aussies (or Pozzies) either these days, this event attracts hundreds from all over the planet, including DJs with some of the rarest vinyl imaginable. For the 5th time, it's Perth's privilege to host "The Nash" so pack your flip-flops, budgie smugglers and factor 50 for the Northern Soul trip of a lifetime. More information will shortly be available on Facebook, on this event page and at www.perthsoul.com so keep checking for updates. I'm also happy to answer any personal messages.
  11. Originals Of Sight & Sounds

    Anyone help me out with this want....? Originals Of Sight And Sounds "Long Boots/have Marcy" on J.J.I. Immediate payment waiting. Cheers..........Pete

    Assumed I had an original for years until I got the magnifying glass out. Went safe and found a red issue.
  13. Buster & Eddie billy prophet

    I'd say around £350 for B&E issue and £750 for BP w/d although in today's daft market this might be 20% too low. Cheers..........Pete
  14. Jimmy Raye Wanted

    Looking for a clean looking VG+ or better copy of "Philly Dog Around The World" on original KKC. Thanks in advance........Pete
  15. Anglo American Auction Results

    No Paul I didn't... would have definitely bought it too

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