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    Soul music,psychology,archery,Malawi cichilids keep a community group of them at the moment,guitar playing,got severel electrics over the last few years ,self taught,play blues,santana type latin rock etc,play for myself nice to chill out with headphones and just improvise.Love meeting genuine soul people known to me of old and coming across of new.A returnee to the scene must be near three years nowlike all from old classics,rare underplayed and new,across the spectrum really open minded to the extent if I like it I like it as long as its soulful.,My favourite artist is was and always will be Curtis Mayfield r.i.p bless him,with or without the impressions the man was a true musical genius and poet of the age a committed political spokesman standing for right .My favourite record is You,ve been cheating by the impressions,favourite female vocal is," Alice Clark on You hit me".Be it mid tempo ,uptempo or ballad if it hits the spot for me thats all that matters.When I take a stance for or against something I am strongly committed .Favourite venue,at the moment no one but Nuneaton and Lifeline all nighters are there at the top of my list ,showsa what I say really from old to new as long as its truely soulful and hits the spot.
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    youve been cheating the impressions

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  1. Happy birthday Rugby, it is also me mate Kimbos birthday tonight so a double dose of soul shennanigans ahead tonight me ",Arties",. No doubt the enforcement of a strrict dress code which means our mate Dave will not be allowed to wear his favourite pink polkaq dot betty bo frock,never mind Dave youve got plenty more on your clothes rail at home,however do not even think about wearing your wire wool weave undxerpants as they wil;l set offc all the metal detecftors under the moon{its nightime otherwise would be under the sun} Big room little room take your pick in each the djs will be giving it some stick! I havent been out for a few weeks so am in need of a good nighter and tonight it looks like Rugby is where its at!So if you aint got soul dont come to Rugby cos if it dont fit dont force it! because all the true soul cvlan will be there.See ya later Kimbo mate and You too Dave pal.Half twelve and I am already getting in the zone tonights the night for going a souling.
  2. manusf3a


    Well up for it,Danny,Terry Irish ,see you later!been looking forward to this one for weeks, enjoy Mrs Browns boys before the nighter Irish.
  3. A great night up with the music to hit the spot every time,,looking forwaerd to tonight me and my mate Mark attending.What a soulnight to have on your own doorstep{home town} defo top quality soul, in an across the board presentation that really does work roll on tonight and you get your cake and eat it! what more I ask!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. manusf3a

    Holy Moses

    just heard last minute change of venue !!!!!!!
  5. manusf3a

    Holy Moses

    Nice, I can get your email address so that I can post that manuscript for you Neil as I lost it on the way back from Wigan,funky edged soul sounds good to me should be there with Mark on Saturday.
  6. Anoither goodie I was impressed with is "The Americans",watched three series of it on fire stick.Great storylines about a couple of russian spies living as an everyday American family.
  7. At the moment it is ,"Wolf Creek", on Fox,previously it had to be "Mr Pickles" on fox, the best cartoon I have ever come across.When the bus load of paedos came into old town and Mr Pickles and the Sheriff along with others hunted them down.Also the episode invoving the mafia informer who the FBI genticaly modified into Bigfoot! and was way out there ,I have got them all recorded along with other cartoon classics such as sid the sexist on cilla. For now looking forward to episodes of Wolf Creek.Imagine breaking down on the way to aa nighter in Oz and that blue truck comes along and he offers you a lift!
  8. Dark dingy,low roof condensation dripping ,thats my preference though some of the more larger but not aircraft hanger type places have atmosphere when well attended.
  9. Like many many others I went with my pals to the Wigan nighter,it was held in a roller rink and although there were many folk in attendence,somewhere like bury etc would be jam packed with such numbers in attendence the place to me was just too big a venue.I have never been keen on very large arenas.I much prefer a smaller type venue without going into naming places,I think atmosphere gets lost in wide open spaces.I did enjoy myself Saturday as I think most folk did but if the building was half the size to my mind it would have been even better!
  10. manusf3a

    Which Dog?

    Where have you hidden my Pigs ears ear,I want it now or else!
  11. As Kegsy says the population may well be artificialy expanded by mass feedings such as can be viewed on you tube.Over the last coup-le of years I have been back and forth most weeks between my home in Peterborough as my mum passed away after a long illness and Ive spent a fair bit of time with my Dad since.I have since first getting really interested in Kites been on the look out out for their eventual arrival in Peterborough,Ive seen them over oundle and the Kings Cliff area and more recently a few in the air more nearer Peterborough,Ive been told there was a pair in the bretton area.Hopefully it wont be all that much longer when they can be seen in the skies over Peterborough as they are fantastic looking creatures.I agree with Kegsy that the Kites should be left to fend for themselves instead of turning up like pavlovian dogs at the ringing of a bell each day to be greeted with food shovel loaded out on the ground for them,no wonder they have grown in numbers especially when life is so easy for them,they are after all scavengers. What does all this say on ideas about reintroducing other species back into the Uk ,will for example concerning the idea of bringing back wolves in the wilds of scotland see mass visitors coming armed with copious amounts of pedigree chum and mountains of chappie extra value economy size tins for the wolves to gorge on. half sheep and pigs heads ? The delight of watching red kites in pairs or individuals soaring and swooping down,the pleasure from watching a mother teaching a youn g one the ropes about riding the air waves constanly calling out to each other in that haunting kite song,these thing are a million miles away from watching fifty or nso swooping down to grab chunks of uneaten pub grub and other waste!.
  12. You will be traveling in a curve to Wigan Mark,kettering,Corby for the lenience ,Peterborough for me then Derby for Debbie, after that that your sat nav may take us on a diversion as it did twice going to nighters in stoke not long ago then Wigan!You shoulkd change the voice in the sat nav as that woman has played btyricks on lol.No doubt we will arrive in very uptempo frame of minds!Ive already started my build up mate,see ya tomorrow afternoon ,teatime!!!
  13. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  14. That no go git Hitchcock getting the crows and seagulls to form an axis alliance,he makes me feel sicker than if I had a big massive dose of bloody"Vertigo".he has been given them half Hour",tactic lessons on the sly each week from beyond the grave.Instead of Lillie Marlen the crows and Gulls sing a wartime song about "Tippi Hedren",sung to the tune of "Hitchcock presents".
  15. Its that Hitchcock the bastard teaching them tactics like sitting about en masse on telegraph lines and kids climbimg frameswaiting to ambush.

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