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    Loved soul since early teens. Regular visiter to the Casino back in the day. Don't attend venues anymore.

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    The gym,walking,socialising with friends and familey.
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    Norman Johnson Our Love Will Grow

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  1. I remember that clip very well as they had you all dancing to some dreadful record that was nothing to do with soul music!
  2. I managed to see the clip for the first time since it was shown originaly. I never remember it as been so acrobatic based but loved it all the same. Loved the way Kim spun - proper energetic. That said, there were lots of brilliant dancers on the scene back then, many who's footwork used to mesmerise me.
  3. Did anyone manage to see the clip of Footsee on Top Of The Pops on Facebook before it was removed. It is over forty years since I saw the clip. I know many hated the fact the Casino regulars were promoting an underground scene but, for me, although I had been going to soul clubs localy for some time the clip made me realise "I just had to go to Wigan" and I never looked back!
  4. Simon Child

    Bradford Soul Crowd in the 70,s

    Hear are some pictures of the Bradford crowd back in the 70,s

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