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  1. Leicester Oddfellows Allnighter Reunion

    got my ticket and looking forward to it i had my 50th here and the floor and room is still as brill as it was all them years ago see you on the dance floor ktf
  2. Ibstock All Nighter, Leics/M42

    looking forward to the second niter,top venue,and some awsome djs ps will some one play a few 80s please ? clifton hall,cleethorps stuff ? just askin......maybe simon will ?
  3. Prestatyn Soul Weekender


    looking forward to a brill long week end starting thursday till monday....hope mi feet can stand it this year ?!! and returning as.....DANCE CHAMPIANO 2013...... i will not be entering the dance comp this year as ive retired from all comps and am 52 in april so it will be nice to just sit back and watch others have their moment of fame.....so i look forward to a great week end great company great music and venue...oh and a few beers lol see you on the dance floor KTF
  4. Inner Soul Sheffield ~ 1st Anniversary

    dont tell me tezza.....well talk about the first thing that pops up !!! pms see ya sat mate
  5. Inner Soul Sheffield ~ 1st Anniversary

    be great to see you tezza x Am a virgin to this venue martin smith so you will prob think am a cheeky twat lol but......will you save me a patch please ???? ktf
  6. Ibstock All Nighter (just off the M42)

    simon bit late now but did you mean do i want frankie crocker playing ? or a you have a copy ?
  7. Ibstock All Nighter (just off the M42)

    looking forward to tonight gonna see what the night pans out like ? venue and dance floor are ok and some good djs on ....so hope to hear proper niter tunes and not all same old same old......just sayin.......ktf
  8. 2nd All-Niter - Leicester Symphony Rooms

    brill dj line up really looking forward to this one as the first one was good SEE YOU ON THE DANCE FLOOR !!! ktf
  9. Blackpool Tower Weekender


    see you all on the dance floor......ktf
  10. Loughborough Town Hall

    see what am doin carl....know what ya sayin tho mate....and phil £6 ticket....and £1 booking on line ?? they wont save them on the door at £6 ?? and cant get over to l/boro to pick one up from the box office...maybe am just bein mardy ? lol may see you there ? ktf
  11. Loughborough Town Hall

    temptin gray.....but payin silly prices entry....takin the piss out of soulies....all about the money innit...prob not see you there mate ktf
  12. Loughborough Town Hall

    yeah you can pay on the door but last time i did that they charged another quid on top !!! fkn rip off.......only pay a tenna for a niter ?! just sayin.........
  13. Grosvenor Rooms ( 6th Anniversary )

    was a banging night fookin hot ! and had a good thrash on the dance floor too,good to see regular faces and some i havnt seen in ages ktf
  14. Leicester Allnighter at the Symphony Rooms

    see ya on the dance floor then.....ktf
  15. Nuneaton Co-op 100% Oldies All-Niter

    brill night,first time for me,will call again deffo nearly 100% soulies in but the few non soulies that was in behaved ! ktf