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  1. 1984 Bus Trip To Scottish allniter

    Ok found some pics of a coach trip organised by Guy Hennigan that left from Derby to go to a niter somewhere in Scotland ! (Edinburgh or Glasgow area if i remember ) See anybody you know ????
  2. Name These Faces

    Ok did the last few years at the casino and recognise a few faces in this picture - anybody put some names to the faces and a date ?
  3. Wigan Casino Mid- Month Oldies

    I remember that night i had just turned 16 and travelled from Leicester on my own on the train ! 79-81 was my time at the casino the years a lot of people say were the worst but for me it was magical ! I think it doesn't matter what year you first went the ef...
  4. Shane Smith From Notts

    f*** me dont bother !
  5. Shane Smith From Notts

    Wot ?
  6. Shane Smith From Notts

    many thanks for your help, i know i will eventually find him and will let you know when i do !
  7. First Taste Of Soul

    Harry, f*** me ! same scenario, lived in a small village in Leicester (stapleton) got into northern soul (aged 14)near the big town called hinckley (any one remember the leisure center or reign club ?) sold my fishing kit to fund my trips to wigan (aged 14) ...
  8. Shane Smith From Notts

    Ok , can any one shed any light on the whereabouts of Shane Smith a guy from notts who i used to meet on the train to Wigan 79 to 81 ? last contact i had with him he was living in Long Eaton ! Anyone help ????
  9. Unknown Club Mid 80s? Name The Faces

    Well done !! richly deserved.
  10. Unknown Club Mid 80s? Name The Faces

    I am Stuart and it is me in all 3 photos (denim jacket-no shirt and sporting the compulsory moustache !!) I think it was in a club in the middle of Derby about 1986 time others in the shots are Thommo-Fat Daz-Greeny-Din Dave-Chris Ashby-Gilly-Pete Lawson-Nick...
  11. Leicester Oddfellows

    Hi all anybody remember me stu kent from leicester i use to hang round with tommo from leicester and go to wigan, stafford and hinckley niters in answer to everybodys question YES i remember Tony Clayton he got sent down for fiddling with little choir boys fu...

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