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    Northern soul,Funk,saxophones,Dancing and prancing,purple, record shopping and lazy days listening to them but happiest when im on the dance floor lost in music
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    Mr James Carr

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  1. until

    Not long now. Any suggestions of places to visit we arrive on Thursday ? Maybe with good music, food or must see while in Hamburg. Pam
  2. until

    Thanks Mark getting very excited. Still not booked accommodation yet but il be to busy dancing to care. Pam
  3. until

    Just booked flights from Scotland for this. Looking for any feedback on people who have been or any tips of places to stay. Thanks
  4. Mr James Carr so many of his songs just get me right there - Lovable girl , pouring water on a drowning man and the same with Mavis Staples Pam x
  5. If you have any luck finding please let me know looking for the same good luck x
  6. Got a ticket but no one to go with anyone else in same position ? x
  7. Hmm well my real name is Pamela anderson which people dont belive or think i think im some super model or love myself so i prefer to not use my real name at all . Bluebells are simple but just nice and id say that does for me but feel rude signing bluebell so always sign from pam or pamela
  8. Its very centeral heres link to web site gives you direction info whats on
  9. Any ladies out there with advice for some comfy shoes .After the tower weekender in may hardly being able to walk i need something more suitable ? thanks
  10. Doesnt seem to anything on in edinburgh your dates but the jazz cafe is very centeral with some lovely soulful bands etc playing always a plesant suprise whenever iv gone x
  11. I suppose if thats what they are looking for its a good thing they dont attend. I am in my mid 20s and love the music but most importantly getting lost in it on the dance floor .

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