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    Currently collecting French and Italian soul singles. Trawling the Charity Shops. Love DJing and bringing new sounds to the dance floor I like the floor-fillers, but after 45 years on the scene, I like to hear different stuff as well, not just the same-ole same-ole  

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    Johnny Ross, Malibus, Sylvie Vartan, Kungs, Marion Biondi and Rocky Roberts ...

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  1. Andi

    Stables soul club

    A great night, good mix of music, thanks to all
  2. Thanks, now on the tinterweb looking for my own copy to go with my Sylvie Vartan (fabulous) covers.
  3. What a great night, thanks to all the DJs.
  4. YESSSSSSS . !!! 25:54 ...
  5. That's the one, thanks. x Shame he's not buying it, I do like happy endings.
  6. Hi all I heard what sounded like it was a response to Millie Jackson's House for Sale, where the male singer wants to buy the house and live there with the person he was singing to, not sure if it was Millies ex wanting to move back in with her, or a new suitor. Anyone heard this? Who's it by? Is it on You Tube so I can hear it again? Cheers
  7. Andi

    Coalville Soul Club

    Any flyers for this?
  8. Andi


    Times and price?
  9. Andi

    Coalville Soul Club

    If I was in the country, I'd be there
  10. Andi

    Coalville Soul Club

    Definitely be there, room booked.
  11. Hi, does anyone know of any soul venues in France that we could drop into on our voyages? What's the scene like there? Do you think that if I tried to organise an event (in a couple of years) there would be much support? I've seen loads of "blues" festivals which have major soul artists, such as those at Cognac and Cahors, so I'd have thought that there is a call, but it could be a different matter for a club-type event rather than a festival. All view appreciated, many thanks. Andi
  12. Andi


    A cracking night - especially for Tracy
  13. Andi

    Northern Soul and Ska night

    A good night had by all Mr Mcpherson was on top form. Many thanks to guest DJs Paul Roberts and Jimi Quincy. Looking forward to starting regular soul sessions here in the future. WATCH THIS SPACE!
  14. That's what you get living in Coventry, the Concrete Jungle. Too many scooter dos

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