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  1. Wow - You have a sense of humour! :lol:....You obviously noted I ‘over’ compensated ‘(just in case)...I have been ‘burnt’ before on here…all part of the fun :D


    …….I could go on (so will)…….. :rofl:


    …….I actually have what I call a ‘Shudder list’ of words / phrases ‘in my head’, that for various reason have been ruined (for me at least :D)….. I will share a small selection for your entertainment (there are loads! :D)

    1. ‘45’s’ (They’re just called records)
    2. ‘The Flip’ (‘Other side’ is now correct)
    3. ‘Cheapie’ (I know what records are worth - To earnest)
    4. ‘My Copy’ (referring to a record they ‘just bought twenty years ago’)
    5. ‘Books at £? in Manships guide’ (Read it once now experts - there not bloody used cars, and it’s ‘John’ Manship)
    6. ‘Proper’ (‘Proper’ people don’t use the word ‘Proper’)
    7. ‘Box’ (Sorry but to many referrals to it e.g — “I’m a dusty old record collector”)

    N.B - For those who don’t have a sense of humour — the above is ‘just a bit of fun’ (kind of….. :D)


    …….I don’t sleep much.


    All the best,


    Len :thumbsup:


    P.s - Feel free to add to the ‘Shudder List’ folks…….or is it just 'me that ‘thinks like me'?......yes….. :huh: 

    I will have to think about that one . :g:

  2. Great post.....except.....you may want to drop "the ones who make it there own"....Not that there's anything wrong in it what’s so ever, and I quite agree......but….. every week, at least one of the judges says it on the show ‘in question’


    You may well be the first person ever to quote “make it there own" (it don’t matter if you’re not)....Unfortunately they have over used and ruined such a nice meaningful sentence….I am angry as I type — Not at you, at them! (I hasten to add!)


    For purely this reason, I suggest from now on we say - He / She dances ‘uniquely’ :)


    ......Was this really worth typing out? (I ask myself) Well it’s done now, so I’ll post it - I’m just kidding wid ya btw :wink:


    All the best,


    Len :thumbsup: 


    Made me laugh :wicked: i will say instead , like to see folks dancing there own dance and not all the same . :thumbup:


  3. Dont think anyone is discourageing anyone from danceing or saying its a competition.The thread starter asked did the northern scene offer a good class of dancer some obviously think it does and some not.

    Okay then , I prefer to watch the ones who make it there own, rather than a set pattern . I also like to see people dancing to slow as well as the really fast ones , to me they are the ones who have it right . Don't much like all the acrobatics ,a little ,but not every few seconds . .I have my favourites to watch when i am out ,they are usually the ones who been doing it since it began . to me they are natural and keep me watching . ...Some of the footwork reminds me of some of the skinhead moves we did before it all started . :thumbsup:

  4. I think more than not those kids on tv worked hard and feel they are doing there best .......... :) ,they also would think Northern Soul being an odd way to dance :lol: , so give them some slack , i dance how i feel as never went to Wigan or any Northern soul nights although i came from where it all started  ,went to live away for 20yrs ,introduced to it 4yrs ago , first it took a while get my head around the sounds , but now grown to love it ,.


    Being mostly over 50 i think most dance well , did not know it was a competition ,


    I do well to dance at all, had to learn how walk proper after being seriously ill . I admire anyone who gets up and has a go as long as they are harming no one . leave it alone . :hatsoff2:

  5. When I went for my first skin cut in late 68 I had quite a good head of blonde hair went to the barbers and showed him a picture I had cut out of the paper he was hesitant at first to do it but he did .Got home from the croppers my mum and grandma where sitting in the living room when I walked in my Gran started screaming out Brenda Brenda oh my god look what's happened to our Ian's hair they where both nearly in tears he he he I got a right bollicking. A lot of the lads around 1969 / 70had skin cuts around Leigh /Wigan and where all into Ska..Blue Beat Regg and what's now termed club soul ie Go Go Girl Lee Dorsey Ride your Pony, Shake , land of a thousand dance

    Girls are out to get you, The beat, Someday we,re gonna love again, wade in the water,Mr bang bang man ect ect and a lot of the

    stateside and Tamla Motown sounds a few of the lads like myself collected soul records which we use to take around the local clubs and get ( threaten ) the DJ to play them Breakout, Agent double o soul Back Street you,ve got to pay the price ect ect the one that always eluded me was Chubby Checker At the Discotheque Uk Cp it was massive I spent a few years trying to get a copy .

    We got most of our clothes Ben Shermans two tone trousers from Tony Sampsons shop in Leigh and Levis &bakers pants ( the white ones ) from the army navy store along with our Doc Martins ox blood boots. The Harringtons we got from Oasis market in Manchester where later on we got our Crombies from , another thing about the skins around this area we all had made to measure suits in sky blue or two tone colours from Alexandra tailors .It was around 72 that are hair started to get longer ie suede heads and buy 73 my hair had got pretty long like Kegsy,s ha could,nt pay for a haircut all mi money was going on rare soul records..

    Regards Ian Cunliffe

    I see loads of baldies at Northern do,s are Skins makin a comeback lol

    I recall having same reaction from my mother Ian , when i shaved mine off , my hair that is , I am still writing about our time in Leigh and the bus station days , Way inn and such like , Michael crusham sent me pics few years ago , some sadly are a bit small . good memories hey Ian .

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