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  1. mrs norman maine

    Flowers For Bob A Funeral From Soul Source Members

    thanks for doing this Mike.
  2. mrs norman maine

    Bob Abrahamian R.i.p

    Just heard too. Shocking. Loved his shows, his knowledge, his fantastic dry sense of humour, his helpfulness...just everything. I just can't believe this. Terrible news. RIP Bob x
  3. mrs norman maine

    Micky Cruise Rip

    So sorry to hear this, always think of him when I hear Sam Williams. Bouncing around on the dancefloor with his coat half-on. He made me laugh the first time I met him. He made me laugh for days the last time I saw him. And every time in between. Love to Annie and all his friends and family RIP Micky x
  4. mrs norman maine

    News: Liz Lands R.I.P

    'Don't shut me out' is heartbreakingly beautiful. From time to time, it still amazes me that someone with such a wonderful voice can pretty much escape the mainstream attention and opportunities offered to many with far inferior talent in the music industry. RIP Ms. Lands x
  5. mrs norman maine

    News: Cecil Womack RIP

    oh that is sad. Poor Linda. RIP Mr. Womack
  6. Jeez and to think I thought I'd missed the point of the thread...
  7. Yeah, I know Betty Lavette's isn't the original. TBH, didn't pay attention to the 'original soul' aspect of the thread's title due to the thrill of logging in for the first time in months.
  8. mrs norman maine

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Big fan of first series of 'Murder One' in the 1990s and remember screaming "three WEEKS?! Three f**cking WEEKS?!!! as the voiceover on the penultimate episode cooed "join us in three weeks for the final episode". Due to the Olympics I think. There was an outcry, BBC relented & I think we only had to wait two weeks. Hmm. I'm with Geoff re: Sky, so limited channels available, but looking back over the year, I liked: 56..
  9. I prefer Soft Cell's version of Tainted Love to Gloria Jones's. And Kenny Rogers/First Edition's What Condition My Condition Is in to Betty LaVette's. And I don't care who knows it. Obviously. Don't like either of the soul versions anyway, but like both as pop sounds.
  10. mrs norman maine

    News: R.i.p Don Cornelius

    Yes, he's left some great stuff to remember him by. All very sad, seems to have been a man with some demons, especially in the past few years. RIP
  11. mrs norman maine

    Your Favourite Lyrics?

    yes, or that can be interpreted in different ways, depending on who's listening, why, when, etc. My favourite for this reason is Bud Harper "Wherever you were" Great big F**CK-YOU lyrics, which because of the repeated "Lord" work on a (sort of!) gospel or secular level. Who IS he singing to? It could be a lover, friend, or the Man Upstairs that he feels abandoned by. I like to imagine it's the latter- yeah, you can go there..
  12. mrs norman maine

    News: Kell Osborne passes on

    It's a shame that he didn't manage to make the trip over here, but it's nice to hear that he was aware of people's appreciation of his work. RIP Mr. Osborne
  13. mrs norman maine

    News: Johnny Otis Rip

    Couldn't have put it any better myself. RIP Mr. Otis x
  14. mrs norman maine

    Etta James Has Died In Califonia

    Though we knew she'd been ill for a while, I'm sure everyone on here is as sad as I am to hear she's gone. A barnstormer of a voice and a barnstorming woman. RIP Etta x
  15. mrs norman maine

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Yep, it was on Five USA, I think. Or Fiver. Or Five. One of those channels with Five in it anyway