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    back street blue reacted to Patto in Sheffield's Darnall Horti’ Closed   
    So Sorry to hear this John.As you know my heart lies with the more Traditional Northern oldies Soul scene .However i have great respect for what you did at the Horti by playing the more Soulful side of the coin that so deserves to be heard.
    Also have great respect for your early days support for The Gas Club helping it to get off the ground.I sincerly hope you and your DJ team live to fight another day at other venues.The soul scene needs Diversity.
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    back street blue reacted to baz1 in Sheffield's Darnall Horti’ Closed   
    Great place and great people with a faith higher than keepin it 😢 thanks to all involved for an amazing 7 yrs with so many friendships that its our life now with these fabulous people, thanks again to you all Xx baz n shelly 


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