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    back street blue reacted to Zed1 in WIGANS CHOSEN FEW - FOOTSIE (RARE CLIP 1975)   
    Really!. Perhaps post up a clip of you dancing then for us all to admire.
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    back street blue reacted to tomangoes in WIGANS CHOSEN FEW - FOOTSIE (RARE CLIP 1975)   
    The problem is everybody who was into the scene, but did not go to Wigan, could easily be fooled into this was a typical Wigan sound, and hence the tarnished reputation it had for playing more tailor made than anywhere else.
    The dancers are great, and on my few trips to Wigan, it was no different to any other nighter apart from being bigger.
    14 to 17 year olds never really cared about the quality of music, it just had to be danceable I guess, the older you got the more bothered you were about what was being played.
    You see the same exuberance in the film trailers over the last few years about the scene.
    Happy days I guess.


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