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  1. Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    Really lookin forward to this one See yas soon Shelly xx
  2. Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom

    Can't make this one.... Gutted av a good un, see yas next time Shelly xx xx
  3. Whitchurch Soul CLUB (SHROPSHIRE) 8th Anniversary

    What can I say This place never fails, every dj was Great, esp Tony ollier Will defo be there f next one Shelly xx
  4. Whitchurch Soul CLUB (SHROPSHIRE) 8th Anniversary

    Can't wait.... ALWAYS the BEST night. Don't forget my red carpet Errol See yas tmoz whoop whoop Shelly xx
  5. Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    What a great night of music Cheers to all dj's Shelly xx
  6. Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    Cant wait whoop whoop See yas theer Shelly xx
  7. Sheffield Sunday Soul Sessions at the Mulberry Tavern

    What a brilliant afternoon . All dj's were on top form. Cant wait f next one Till next time folks Shelly xx
  8. Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    Great great night.... thanks t all involved...especially the crowd... Brilliant night xx xx Till next time folks Shelly xx xx
  9. Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom

    WHOOP WHOOP Shelly xx
  10. Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    Can't wait as usual I have t agree with Mr moffats write up.... A great place, somewhere you don't know what's gonna get played but its always great. There's years worth of music t hear, why stick t the norm?? variety after all is the spice of life I'll certainly be there... Hope you will be too Shelly xx
  11. Soul Unique The Clubhouse London Road Sheffield

    Really lookin forward this Great music , great people See yas all theer Shelly xx

    Happy New year Great guest f January.... if you've not tried the horti.... get yersens darn... great music, lovely people and cheap beer.... what more can you wish for See yas all theer Shelly xx
  13. Sheffield Sunday Soul Sessions at the Mulberry Tavern

    Should be a good un First week back at work f me so will defo be ready t chill out See yas all there Shelly xx
  14. Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    Finally come round ha ha What a fantastic afternoon, great music, great people n great beer Cheers everyone n have A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS xx Shelly xx
  15. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Can't make this one..... gutted Always a super afternoon with great company .... get yersens darn if ya not been b4 ..... you won't be sorry Till next time folks Shelly xx

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