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  1. He was responsible for me being late for work on most Wednesdays as I stood in anticipation waiting for the postman to deliver his list. R IP John.
  2. Don't want to be a kill joy, but proper football started 2 weeks ago!
  3. Three Shades.... just about beats the Chi Lites
  4. Part of the problem is down to certain sellers on e bay putting false bids on their own auctions.
  5. I think they seemed so good as you had no stress or worries when you were growing up such as paying bills, having all your meals made and loved and looked after like you wew the only thing in the world as far as your parents were concerned. And of course society being generally more polite and caring.
  6. Watching my dad light the coal fire in the middle of winter after he got the coal from the coal place through the door in the kitchen and usually setting the newspaper alight when he tried to fan it, Spangles sweets, having to call out Redifussion nearly every week when the black and white TV went wonky, pop delivery wagons, putting cards somehow in the spokes of your bike wheel so they would make a noise, thinking you were having an exotic meal when there was Vesta curry for tea, not getting sent home from school just because there was a few feet of snow, rag and bone men, watching them build the M62 from the classroom, going to the youth club listening to brilliant records like Mel and Tim, TammI Lynn and all those fantastic Motown re-issues. Happy days, you bet!
  7. There used to be loo paper called Izal, a shiny material which felt nothing like paper at all, i think newspapers were more bearable than that!
  8. 1 recorded much later than the moon landing.
  9. Thanks for all the info, i'd found the you tube clips by chance and watched them many times. What talent, its criminal they never made it as superstars.
  10. Im pretty sure most people on here will know "Ive Got Heataches" by this highly talented duo, but does anyone know what happened to them? Did they just drift into obscurity like many so many other great Soul singers?
  11. Another footballers favourite is "most definately", quickly followed by "one hundred per cent". I need a lie down now...

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