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  1. soulatthedale

    Premier League Winter Break

    Thats exactly what will happen, despite Scudamores laughable claim that there will be certain conditions in place regarding what the clubs can do during a winter break. This latest idea to "improve the game" also kicks lower clubs in the teeth yet again as fifth round FA cup replays are scrapped, therefore denying clubs of much-needed revenue. The silence from the football league is deafening as it just rolls over to the obscene cash..
  2. soulatthedale

    So sad news-Mark Ellis-Rotherham

    Not just another one of lifes good guys gone far too early, but also someone who passionately loved Soul. RIP Mark
  3. soulatthedale

    3 wants.

    Notations Ive Been Trying Twinight Sensations Two Can Make It Way Out Justice Dept Come Back Baby To My Empty Arms Fair Play All must be Ex+/Mint Original USA labels Sensible prices paid. Thanks
  4. soulatthedale

    World Cup in 4K

    Well thats just about swung it for me, next stop Currys or Argos!
  5. soulatthedale

    World Cup in 4K

    Never before has technology played such a part in watching paint dry.
  6. soulatthedale

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    A new one on me, wow!
  7. soulatthedale

    this is america

    Yes, a very powerful and hard hitting picture telling it like it was (and still is) saying far more than any number of words. How different and honest it is to the 100s of Soul LPs released with either a picture of a good looking white person or couple on the cover in order to attract a wider record buying public.
  8. soulatthedale


  9. soulatthedale

    3 wants.

    Flairs and Bobby Sax sorted, still after Young Mods Thanks
  10. soulatthedale

    3 wants.

    Thanks for your reply, ive sent you a PM
  11. soulatthedale

    3 wants.

    Flairs You Got To Steal It RAP Bobby Sax & The Housekeepers Ooh Baby Baby DePlace Young Mods Gloria Gang Land All must be on original USA labels Ex+/Mint Sensible prices paid Thanks
  12. soulatthedale

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    Completely agree, Peggy March along with dozens of others can never be Soul music, for me its an average pop record. Its easy to call something you dislike "shite", but as we all know its all subjective. However, Ive heard the Carstairs on Red Coach called "shite" on more than one occasion, an opinion that really baffles me regarding that particular record. As a few people who actually like PM have said, it may be northern but not n..
  13. soulatthedale

    3 wants.

    Billy Woods sorted, still after the other 2.
  14. soulatthedale

    If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    And to throw this into the mix, bad as Gary Lewis etc was, were they as much out of place at a supposedly Soul club as the horrendous Dean Barlow in particular and Gene Stridel etc are today?
  15. soulatthedale

    Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    Seem to remember an advert for Chairman Of The Board appearing there, or just imagining it?