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  1. 3 wants.

    Billy Woods sorted, still after the other 2.
  2. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    And to throw this into the mix, bad as Gary Lewis etc was, were they as much out of place at a supposedly Soul club as the horrendous Dean Barlow in particular and Gene Stridel etc are today?
  3. Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    Seem to remember an advert for Chairman Of The Board appearing there, or just imagining it?
  4. Not so Tired Oldies....

    Either side of the Kittens on Chess, Aint No More Room/ Hey Operator Either side of Joe Murphy on Vivid, Its A Weakness/So Blue (Without You) Either side of the Carltons on Argo, Can't You Hear The Beat/Ooo Baby
  5. Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    The late Glen Hunter used to run a Soul night somewhere in Macclesfield town centre and he asked me to do an hour. About 30 seconds into my J J Barnes Lonely No More an extremely loud drunken woman staggered over and bawled, Oi, have you got any T rex?..........
  6. Just what this Soul malarkey is all about! Brilliant!
  7. 3 wants.

    Reatha Reese Lies Dot Billy Woods I Found Satisfaction Verve Young Henry Ford Treat Her Nice Roulette Ex+/Mint cond. USA originals only. Sensible prices paid. Thanks.
  8. surprised by your own collection?

    In the middle of a box of "not very good records" i found Drake and the EnSolids and Arnold Blair, both of which i thought had been in my collection i sold!
  9. Homelessness

    Are these different bankers to the ones that fiddled LIBOR? The ones that Dave said would get the book thrown at them. He even said it with a straight face.
  10. Homelessness

    Did i hear this right, that homelessness has gone up 170% since 2010, the year this lot were elected.
  11. Homelessness

    Most bankers use every loophole there is to avoid paying tax, as shown last year when the off shore funds issue was highlighted. Why should they get a huge bonus every year which is as much, or even more, than most peoples salary? I cant think of any other pr...

    I wouldnt buy a bootleg, whatever the price. As for originals, id pay what i thought was a sensible price that i could reasonably afford at the time. I sold most of my collection several years ago but it soon dawned on me how much they were a part of my life,...

    Yes, that old chestnut supply and demand. Take a look at the e bay comedy sale of the day thread, not only many originals way over priced but bootlegs selling for anything from £100 upwards. If thats 'supply and demand' why bother having a thread about it? As...
  14. Cultural History

    My mistake, i always assumed the original recording artist was entitled to some payment, even if they didn't write, produce or arrange
  15. Cultural History

    On a slightly different note BBC 4 did a programme on Friday about cover versions and Go Now was one of the songs looked at and an interview with Bessie Banks and a member of the Moody Blues who calmly said they found a copy of Go Now in a shipment of records...

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