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  1. He was responsible for me being late for work on most Wednesdays as I stood in anticipation waiting for the postman to deliver his list. R IP John.
  2. Three Shades.... just about beats the Chi Lites
  3. Part of the problem is down to certain sellers on e bay putting false bids on their own auctions.
  4. Thanks for all the info, i'd found the you tube clips by chance and watched them many times. What talent, its criminal they never made it as superstars.
  5. Im pretty sure most people on here will know "Ive Got Heataches" by this highly talented duo, but does anyone know what happened to them? Did they just drift into obscurity like many so many other great Soul singers?
  6. Soulatthedale

    Prestatyn 2004

    Few people on those pics that are no longer with us, God bless em.
  7. What a super Soulful version of the Temps classic.
  8. Stomping classic that still sounds great
  9. 2 underplayed female versions of male classics
  10. Not played this great LP for ages, forgot what a belting track this is
  11. If there is, theres not many at all!

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