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  1. SAM_3335.JPG

    Im afraid it is, 1 northern night out in 10 years and miss bloody marple spots your pic on tinernet!
  2. Wigan 1-0

    Not much rolling over, most of them got up and gave as good as they got!
  3. Wigan 1-0

    There wasnt as much cheating in the 60s and 70s, if a player was rolling about in agony it would have been a genuine foul, not like today where they feign injury trying to get players booked or sent off. Then again, players werent paid huge win bonuses along ...
  4. tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    Or a quickie in Haiti!
  5. Wigan 1-0

    I think they do play a few northern records, i heard Frank Wilson among others that i cant remember the last time i went there and its been played after the match a few times when i heard radio 5 live.
  6. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Surprised there hasnt been much (if any) Motown that was played at the Wheel. What were the most popular Motown records there, i would guess the Temps and Martha and the Vandellas were the most popular?
  7. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Another classic from back in the day
  8. Cover versions -The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ?

    This is bad, extremely.
  9. ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    These two sound pretty hard: Judy Clay You Busted My Mind Z Z Hill You Just Cheat And Lie ( why cant an oldies D J give this a few spins and give it the recognition it deserves)
  10. ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    Two crackers, probably hard Soul but definitely real Soul!
  11. Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    Cant disagree with any already mentioned a few more are Contours Baby Hit And Run Francis Nero Keep on Loving Me Edwin Starr Backstreet, Agent Double O Soul Isley Bros I Guess I'll Always Love Temps (Girl) Why You Wanna Make Me Blue
  12. tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    The one thats supposed to be a kitchen warehouse and somebody has ordered a kitchen and all the staff are bawling their eyes out as some pathetic well known pop song is played. There's also the one with the nauseous kid with a magnifying glass inspecting the ...
  13. TV tonight 1st Feb - Blue eyed soul

    I think it's the same vintage tv channel as freeview 82, they had an attempt at a Motown special a few months ago some of the footage it showed was great but I wasn't aware that Al Green The Drifters or Luther Vandross were Motown acts. Clueless.
  14. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/NANCY-BUTTS-I-WANT-TO-HOLD-YOUR-HAND-BABY-YOU-FRIEND-FLAMING-ARROW-45-Mint/192058500078?hash=item2cb79423ee:g:AkwAAOSwgmJX1thA Yet another e bay bargain!

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