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  1. soulatthedale

    Record player

    Thanks for your advice, my first record player was a red Dansette!
  2. soulatthedale

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    There's miserable and there's gut wrenching, these 2 Vietnam tales fall into the latter. Freddie Scott Johnnys Hill. Zerban R Hicks Lights Out.
  3. soulatthedale

    Harry kane

    Personally I couldnt care less about international football, but I will say this, the only way England can ever be realistically thought of as potential world champions again will be when there's a limit put on the number of foreign players in English football. One of the excuses for the forming of the circus known as the premier league was it would benefit the national team. On that front it has failed miserably. Despite the hero worship of Southgate, he had made the same mistake of so many England managers before and that was to pick a squad from a limited number of teams. The 1966 cup winning squad contained players from clubs in both division 1 and 2. Remember when Iceland dumped England out of the Euros? Not one of that team played in the premier league. Anyway less than 3 weeks to go until proper football starts again!
  4. soulatthedale

    3 group goosebumpers wanted

    2 sorted, still need Mandells. Thanks
  5. soulatthedale

    Record player

    Thanks for that, much appreciated.
  6. soulatthedale

    Record player

    Thanks for that, ill try and get 1 of those.
  7. soulatthedale

    Record player

    I'm looking for a decent, cheapish new record player, I've seen 2 on e bay both under £100, an ION and a GPO make, although the ION is £170 in Currys. Has anyone got 1 of these, and if so are they ok? Thanks
  8. soulatthedale

    3 group goosebumpers wanted

    Mandells All Or Nothing Trans World Sound Chimes The Beginning Of My Life Down To Earth Younghearts Ive Got Love For My Baby Minit All on original USA labels and in Ex/M condition. Sensible prices paid. Thanks
  9. soulatthedale

    45s! Ballad/Deep/Sweet/Group Harmony 45’s/ Crossover Soul

    Soulfiestarecordsllc@gmail.com as soon as possible or within 24 hours to be marked as sold! Add $5 for shipping domestically or $17.50 internationally. I’m shipping from Los Angeles Thanks MS I just sent you a PM.
  10. soulatthedale

    45s! Ballad/Deep/Sweet/Group Harmony 45’s/ Crossover Soul

    Hi do you still have Benjamin & The Right Direction for sale please?
  11. soulatthedale

    3 wants.

    First 2 sorted, still after Justice Dept.
  12. soulatthedale

    Premier League Winter Break

    Thats exactly what will happen, despite Scudamores laughable claim that there will be certain conditions in place regarding what the clubs can do during a winter break. This latest idea to "improve the game" also kicks lower clubs in the teeth yet again as fifth round FA cup replays are scrapped, therefore denying clubs of much-needed revenue. The silence from the football league is deafening as it just rolls over to the obscene cash cow known as the premier league.
  13. soulatthedale

    So sad news-Mark Ellis-Rotherham

    Not just another one of lifes good guys gone far too early, but also someone who passionately loved Soul. RIP Mark
  14. soulatthedale

    3 wants.

    Notations Ive Been Trying Twinight Sensations Two Can Make It Way Out Justice Dept Come Back Baby To My Empty Arms Fair Play All must be Ex+/Mint Original USA labels Sensible prices paid. Thanks


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