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    originally fromArdler in bonnie dundee obviously northern.and being a jock following the scotland football team and lufc.tartan army northern soul branch(membership1)+lufc
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    sunny seacroft,leeds
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    key to my happiness-the charades

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  1. " I Daniel blake" ken loachs` recent film was very good.
  2. cant understand all this soul searching and gnashing of teeth because a few athletes have taken a few drugs,so what let em I say,if im honest id rather see some bug eyed athlete run the 100 mtrs in 3 secs ,or clear the sandpit with just the hop of their triple jump,or throw the javelin into to row z of the the arena.heehee
  3. "key to my happiness"-the charades
  4. scottie


    first time at burnley.brilliant.will be back definiteley
  5. I don't like that peru shirt.heehee
  6. did a great spot at the black bee last week.good work greg
  7. some of my friends do sometime refer to me as tight jock bastard.heehee but seriously I think if anybody did start with any racist attitudes I think we`d be pretty good at self policing it and it being nipped in the bud
  8. stuarts a great guy fellow soulie and tartan army member recently after we beat the irish he played key to my happiness by the charades for me on his football show "off the ball"on radio Scotland.the book looks great and really looking forward to reading it should be a good companion piece to "the last days of Detroit-motor cars motown and the collapse of an industrial giantby mark binelli which was a good read
  9. missed the initial one in nov. just got my ticket and looking forward to seeing some old pals and new ones
  10. don't know why people are getting upset or for that fact raving about this advert it not one person who isn't into northern soul has mentioned this ad to me we`re the only ones talking about it.i for one couldn't give a shit about films ads wether its mainstream underground whatever im into it on my own terms and will continue to do so.and as for all the opinions good and bad to quote Voltaire"i may not agree with what you are saying but I will fight to the death for youre right to say it"and as for baggie pants seriously thinking of wearing my kilt to prestatyn and if you don't like it you can kiss my Caledonian to all
  11. scottie


    I was Namibia but I didnae factor in the buckfast
  12. miss ross(3rd best singer in the supremes) according to gladys knights biography wasnt too pleased about gladys knight and the pips supporting the supremes and playing them off the park and had them kicked off the tour.
  13. the opening scenes where he`s got the pump action rifle and he`s threatening to shoot someone for using his toilet.hahahahahaha
  14. quite fitting -Monday Monday by Dee Dee Warwick
  15. maybe its a cyclical thing,a lot of us have had spells away from going to events for whatever reasons and maybe the youngsters who have started going to events in the last 5 or so years have still to have their time away or to pack it in completely and maybe attendances will drop a wee bit and some events may stop but i dont think were ever gonna go back to what some people call the" lost years" of the 80s when i first got into it, which incidentally" lost years"my arse i thought that was a great time.they might have been lost years for them that weren`t making any money out of to all

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