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  1. crossy62

    Need to know

    Hi. I heard a song this weekend at Beechwood Blackburn, a fast dancer with the words something like "rat trap" in part of the chorus. Probably nothing really like these words, but hey ho, anyone any clue of what I was listening to. Cheers.
  2. crossy62


  3. crossy62

    Whitby ticket wanted

    Does anyone have a spare Whitby soul weekender July ticket for sale please.
  4. crossy62

    Tickets Wanted Whitby

    Anyone have two tickets for sale for whitby weekender July.
  5. crossy62

    Accrington TERRY "Motown" DAVIES & NEIL RUSHTON

    Why don't you all act your age and not your shoe size. It's about the passion of northern soul, not about playing baby school. Grow up.
  6. crossy62


    U hit the spot again , keep it up. Great night. As always. Roll on Friday. You get what it says on the tin "northern soul" .
  7. crossy62


    Oh NInja, you hit the spot as always. There,s a clue in the wording "NORTHERN SOUL". Dedication, passion and what Friday's are made for.
  8. crossy62

    Heaven in the Afternoon,Clitheroe.

    Ninja. You keep me entertained with your blogs. You have a way with words. Can,t stop chuckling. Once again you hit the mark as always. Keep it up.
  9. crossy62


    Must agree with you ninja, you hit the mark every time. Brilliant venue, brilliant company.
  10. crossy62

    ritz ballroom brighouse

    Fabulous eclectic vision of soulies. Eye candy for the dedicated followers of fashion. Fabulous company. Fabulous night. Worth every two pound coin. Roll on Friday nights.


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