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    was known as Gay from London, back in the Torch days..knew just about everyone. Would welcome any feedback about the old gang..where is Alan Day,Dave Evison,Judy Moss etc. Am in contact with Dave Burton ,Judith Wilkinson.Dave Fergusson and some others...just trying to find some of me old "Soul-Mates".The photo that I have up is the only one I could find from that era.Any help would be appreciated...blessings.. Gay from London

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    Gay from London
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    too many to mention...right now..connecting with mates from The Torch days and early Wigan..was there 1st night it opened!
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    tampa florida
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    Love on a mountain top...Robert Knight, Landslide..Tony Clarke..Papa oom Mow Mow...Rivingtons
  1. Have also "posted" this to the Norther Soul Legendary DJ Tony Jebb Facebook group...am sure EVERYONE on there also sends their get well wishes and prayers
  2. OMG...so sorry to hear about me old mate Dave...Please give him get well wishes from me..will be praying for him.Blessing from "Gay from London"...only now in Tampa Florida

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