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    My interests are with Halifax PLC and Schloeker Kol in Switzerland. PS: I've checked my length as requested, and I'm not complainin', plus it still throbs with the intensity and rhythm of a smashed soulie.
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    I'm Comin Home In The Mornun

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  1. Wasn't there one at Prestwich when it was broadcast on Radio 2?
  2. Does anyone else remember the square black rubber patches with the logo and Pendulum Club printed on them in white. They came out well before the official ones.
  3. I remember it was a basement club across trom Victoria Station with a concrete floor. First time I went, someone gave me a handful of rubber-backed Pendulum patches to sell at the Casino. He said he'd meet me there the following week and split the profits. Never did see him again!
  4. Yes, always liked style as opposed to fashion. I never had a long leather, I had a full length fur jacket made at the Lafayette Fur Company on King Street in Manchester. I remember the first time I wore it accompanied with a beige Fedora. I walked straight across the Casino dancefloor and looked like a pimp.
  5. You were right first time Paul. It is Terry. Looks like a bat flew onto my neck!
  6. We never called them 'dance offs.' It was called 'burning' or 'burning someone off'. Last time it happened to me was at the Monaco in Hindley around 6 years ago. 3 young lads decided to try and burn me off, one of them was right in my face. I stopped for a minute, outstretched my arms and shouted 'come on you fuckers,' then stomped over all 3 of them. Fuckin' kids....been there done that!
  7. Marv Johnson - I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose. I was buying pop records prior to this when my elder brother said to me, 'what are you buying that shite for? You want to buy soul records, soul will never die!' How right he was!
  8. You're probably right Malc I remember it being an 'early' session, so teatime sounds about right.
  9. Emperor Rosko broadcast a live show once from the Casino. I can't remember what night of the week it was though. In fact it may have been in the afternoon.
  10. Ditto!! Never practiced and I've always danced my own dance and arranged it to suit the beat. Dancing's all about enjoying yourself but if you can put a smile on someone's face, that's a bonus!
  11. Here's one I wrote years ago from the darker side and was influenced by a couple of friends on the scene..... Chemical Brains Chemical brains sit alone in their room, frightened of leaving their guilt-ridden tomb. There's a smile on their lips but it's just a disguise, For they can't hide the pain that burns in their eyes. It's a pain they're aware of but one they don't need, that festers inside like an alien breed. 'Won't somebody help me?' their eyes seem to shout but their plea goes unanswered, there's no-one about. It's just them and their world they've created inside, with nowhere to run, so there's nowhere to hide. Just lost in a chasm of nightmares and pain, endlessly floating through oceans of rain. These paranoid minds play their own little games, like pointing the finger and calling out names. Yet their twisted assortment of personal grief, helps no-one least them, to assist their relief. The solution's quite simple, it's easy to fix, a brain and a chemical, really don't mix!
  12. Used to go to the Rugby Club on Sunday afternoon after the nighters. The local yokels used to throw pennies onto the dancefloor when you were dancing.
  13. If you mean the Mecca was running 2 years before the Casino allnighters started, you're probably not far wrong. Although the Casino had soul and disco on 6 nights during the week at one point, well before (and during) the allnighters.

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