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  1. bluesoulman

    UK 45s-Additions/Reductions

    Thelma Houston-Saturday night,Sunday morning-Motown -NM £20 Sam and Bill-I’ll try-Brunswick-VG+ £20 SOLD Artistics-Girl I need you-Coral-EX-£40 SOLD New Monitors-Fence around your heart-Buddah-£25 SOLD George Clinton-Please don’t run-ABC-NM £15 Little Anthony-Take me back-U.A.-EX £20 Creative Source-Don’t be afraid -Polydor- EX-£25 Deon Jackson-Love makes the world go round-Atlantic-EX £40 Brooks and Jerry-I got what it takes-Direction-EX £20 Fascinations-Girls are out to get you-Stateside-VG+ £50 Chuck Jackson-I keep forgetting-Stateside-EX £25 Bobby Patterson-Busy busy bee-Pama-EX £15 Steve Karmen-Breakaway-U.A.-EX £20 Babe Ruth-Elusive-Capitol-NM £15 Inez and Charlie Foxx-You fixed my heartache-Direction-EX £20 Lou Rawls-Love is hurtin’thing-EX £20 Mad Lads-Tear maker-Atlantic-EX £15 P+P to be added Please pm me if interested
  2. bluesoulman

    Another mixed bag

    Skip Mahoney SOLD
  3. bluesoulman

    Another mixed bag

    Skip Mahoney-Town called nowhere-DC Int-EX £30 SOLD Reuben Bell-Another day lost-Murco-EX £20 Marvin+Tammi-California Soul-VG++ £20 Al Hudson-Why must we say goodbye-NM-£15 Bobby McNutt-I’m getting ready-Roulette demo-NM light label wear £30 Marva Whitney-Saving my love for baby-Federal-NM £25 Reuben Bell-Action speaks louder than words-Silver Fox demo-EX £15 Eugene Church-Jack of all trades-Class-EX £20 Gene Chandler-If you can’t be true-Constellation-EX £15 Monitors-Bring back the love-VIP-NM (dh) £15 Spinners-She’s gonna love me at sundown-VIP-EX(dh) £15 Knight Bros-Temptation ‘bout to get me-Checker-NM-£15 Sterling Harrison-Back tracking-Real World demo-NM £10 Bettye Swann-Make me yours-Money-EX £15 Parlaments-Look at what I almost missed-Revilot-NM £15 Cody Black-Going going gone-Ram-Rock-VG++ £15 Brothers of Hope-Nickol Nickol-Gamble- VG++ 20 All prices plus P+P Please pm me if interested,tks.
  4. bluesoulman

    Another 15 to go inc a few reductions from previous list

    Bunny Sigler/Lovemasters/Dells SOLD
  5. bluesoulman

    Another 15 to go inc a few reductions from previous list

    Marva Whitney SOLD
  6. Tommy Payton-Mountain of Soul-Staff-NM-£50 Syl Johnson-Different strokes-Twinight-WX-£20 Platters-Going back to Detroit-UK Pye-EX- £25 Willie Hutch-Ain’t gonna stop-RCA demo-EX-£35 Lovemasters-Pushin and pullin-Jacklyn-EX-£30 SOLD Bunny Sigler-Don’t make wait too long-Cameo Parkway-EX-£30 SOLD Junior Walker-Tune up/Do the Boomerang-TMG520-EX-£100 Eddie Holland-Just ain’t enough love-Motown-EX (drill hole) £20 Marvin/Tammi-California Soul-Tamla-EX-£20 Jackie Wilson-Because of you-Brunswick-VG++ £90 Marva Whitney-Unwind yourself-King-EX-£60 SOLD Dells-It’s all up to you-Cadet-EX-£20 SOLD Edwin Starr-Time/Running back and forth-TMG1028-EX £35 Vernon Harrell-If this ain’t love-Score-EX-£25 Vernon Garrett-Angel doll-Venture demo-VG++ £30 P+P to be added Please pm me if interested,tks.
  7. bluesoulman

    10 to go

    Isley Bros SOLD
  8. bluesoulman

    10 to go

    Isley Bros ON HOLD
  9. bluesoulman

    10 to go

    It’s your’s Tim,sending you payment details via pm. Cheers
  10. bluesoulman

    10 to go

    Big Ella SOLD
  11. bluesoulman

    10 to go

    United Four on hold
  12. bluesoulman

    10 to go

    Big Ella on hold
  13. bluesoulman

    10 to go

    Big Ella-It takes a lot of loving -LoLo -EX £60 SOLD Angel Doll-Vernon Garrett- Venture demo-VG++ £40 Edwin Starr-Time/Running back and forth-TMG 1028-EX £40 Holland -Dozier - New breed kinda woman -Invictus-NM £30 United Four-She’s putting you on-Harthon-EX £30 ON HOLD Isley Bros-Why when the love is gone -Tamla-NM (drill hole)-£40 SOLD Hal Trotter-Think about it-Grand Land-NM £50 Irma Thomas-Don’t mess with my man-Ronn-VG++ £25 Vernon Harrell-If this ain’t love-Score-EX £30 Fred Hughes-Walk on back to you-Exodus-EX (some label wear + WOL) £30 P+P to be added Please pm me if interested,tks.


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