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  1. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Nooooo! If anybody does can I sue em for copyright??
  2. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Woohoo she's let me off the lead!!
  3. Show us your great photos (2017)

    My favourite walking conditions, cold & frosty with lovely blue skies!
  4. mini1

  5. Route61 soul club

    Great atmosphere at 61 last nite. Thanks to all the DJ' s for the crackin music but special thanks to Martin for a brilliant set.
  6. Rude place names censored

    There's a Long Tongue Scrog Lane in Huddersfield and Mucky Lane in Elland but my favourite is a village near Hebden Bridge called Slack Bottom!

    Anyone going from Barnsley who I know who has a spare place in their car???
  8. Soultime Sheffield's 3rd Anniversary -Andy Jackson

    Love this venue but can't make it this month. Will definately be there next time.
  9. Just Seen This On Youtube , Awesome Imho

    Brilliant voice
  10. Show Us Your Great Photos - Pt2

    Oakland Bay Bridge, early morning & somewhere in Utah/Nevada from the train.
  11. Parklands Northern Soul Club Doncaster

    Lookin forward to this as we couldn't make the last one!
  12. Soultime Sheffield

    Looking forward to another great nite at one of my favourite venues
  13. Junction 36 Soul Club

    Me & Paul will be there! X
  14. Kingstone Club

    Sorry I can't be there, have a great night. D
  15. Kingstone Club

    Thanks for making me so welcome on Saturday night. Looking forward to the next one! D

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