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  1. Used to a few of dee dees records great singer
  2. Did james brown dionne warwick aretha franklin have any records played on the northern scene
  3. Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to send 7 lps to Australia
  4. Been trying to sell my last records with no luck constellations--i didn't know how to-gemini star issue vg+/ex how much
  5. The Constellations-I didn't know how to-Gemini Star-vg+ £200 p&p recorded £9
  6. The Constellations-I didn't know how to-Gemini star-vg+/ex-£280 Jeanette Williams-Somethings got a hold on me- Back beat-vg+/ex-£160 Ruby Winters-Just a dream-Diamond-vg+/ex-£8 Millionaires-It ain't no achievement-speciality-vg+-£25 Cletus Marland-You're gonna miss me-Terry-VG+-£15 Robby Taylor-A stop along the way-intrara-vg-£15 P&P top 2 £7.50 special delivery others £3.00 paypal gift
  7. The Constellations-I didn't know how to-Gemini Star-VG+-£290 Jeanette Williams-Somethings got a hold on me-Back beat vg+ £120 The Millionaires-It ain't no achievement-Specialty-vg-£15 Cletus Marland You're gonna miss me-Terry-vg+£25 Robby Taylor- A stop along the way-Integra-vg-£20 Ruby Winters-Just a dream/I don't want to hurt nobody-Diamond-vg+£10 paypal gift p&p for top two £8 special delivery or £2.90
  8. Constellations- I didn't know how to-gemini star-vg+£210 Jesse Fisher-Not loving a beginner-Way out -vg+-£90 Jeanette Williams -Something's got a hold on me-Back beat-vg+-£170 P&P Special delivery £8.00 Paypal gift
  9. can any one help with prices for Jeanette Williams-Somethings got a hold on me-Back Beat The Constellations-I didn't know how to-Gemini Star issue (read somewhere this is starting to get plays) Jesse Fisher-Your not loving a beginner-Way out multi all are vg+ thanks
  10. 12s Jask feat jocie surrender your love -deep soul-vg+ Gwen guthrie-good to go lover/outside in the rain-boiling point b side best vg+ Phil perry-amazing love-vg+ Beverley Skeete-Warm-Elite -vg+ such a great song lps Various Artists-Got to get your own some rare grooves vol 1-charly vg+ Janice Bullock-don't start a fire-wrc produced by william bell-woc vg+ Barbara pennington-Out of the darkest night-record shack-vg+ Bobby Womack-The Poet-beverley glen-vg+ one of the best soul voices Ruby Turner-Paradise-jive-vg+top uk soul Caron wheeler-UK
  11. Dr Soul-Left eye jump-Monca-nice underplayed r&b dancer should be big-vg+-£70 Bobby Hebb-Love,love,love -philips picture cover drillhole-vg+ legendary dancer-£20 The Four Voices-Your love is getting stronger-Voice-vg+ £70 Belita Woods-magic corner-Moira-vg+-£75 Constellations-I didn't know how to-Gemini star- * on b side VG+-£275 Etta James -Seven day lover-argo-vg+-£30 The Revlons-(oh,oh,oh)What a love this is-Toy-vg+£90 Jesse Fisher-Your not loving a beginner-way out-vg+ multi-£160 Bobby Patterson-What a wonderful night for love-jetstar-vg+-£20
  12. Benny Troy-i wanna give you tomorrow-de-lite-promo-vg+ £95 Bobby patterson-My baby's coming back to me/What a wonderful night for love-Jetstar-ex-£30 paypal gift P&p signed for £3 special delivery £4.50
  13. Benny Troy -i wanna give you tomorrow delite promo-ex -£110 p&p signed for £5 The Other ones-The two of us-Knoll-ex £130 p&p signed for £5 Framed patches The london 60's and northern soul society 1984 and soul power okeh £30 P&p £5 Heart of soul wigan'/wigan casino oldies club/wigan casino 13 soulful years 1973 1985 £30 P&p £6

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