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    Tape swappers fav
  • Birthday 24/01/1965

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    Soul, Scooters, Leigh Centurions Rugby League Club, Ska and erm... thats it
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    rattling the keyboard again
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    Too Late - Larry Williams & Johnny Watson
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  1. ScooterNik

    Cecil Washington, I Don't Like To Loose

    There's a plain white label, no print at all, bootleg of this. I've no idea where i picked it up, I've had it at least 20 years, but it was probably in a soul pack or something like. IIRC (not played it for a while) it's a four track 7". Can't remember what else is on it though.
  2. ScooterNik

    Inexpensive Records For Big Djs? One that I've always loved, don't think it's that pricey?
  3. ScooterNik

    Much Less Interest In Music Now

    I think Two Shoes has touched on a large part of the answer to the question 'is the interest in music still there?'. In common with his son, I have a huge passion for current ska music, a scene which - if you paid any attention to 99.9% of the music press - is dead and buried. If that were the case, I'd not have attended half a dozen sold out gigs this year, be attending an almost sold out three day weekender in a few weeks with th..
  4. ScooterNik

    Djing Cock Ups

    Not quite the cock-up-behind-the-decks type thing, but I got a scooter club booking. Wrote down the details, then on the Friday I sorted out a couple of boxes and loaded the car for the Saturday nights shenanigans. I was just heading out of the house at about 7.30 to have my usual Friday night meet up with the mates when the phone rings. "Hi Nik, what time are you getting here?" "Eh?" "You've not forgotten you're DJing toni..
  5. just the one Stafford one, and no Morecambe ones? Like I said, I appreciated the Morecambe one would by its nature be more oldies orientated, but there were tracks unique to the venue AFAIK. And Chalkie... it was the podcasts that got me thinking about it, you've done a spot on job there Thanks.
  6. ScooterNik


    Avoid vistaprint.
  7. ScooterNik

    Time For Ovation?!x

    Rugby league.
  8. Apart from the one that's on Amazon - - are there any decent compilations of Stafford material? There must be hundreds of tracks from that era that need compiling? Ditto Morecambe, although maybe more oldies orientated, surely there must be enough great tunes to make a CD worthwhile?
  9. ScooterNik

    Best Bullsh*t Story

    Sitting in a cafe after Morecambe allnighter, waiting for the bus home to turn up, a mate and me used to get accosted every month by a bloke from (I think) Preston who'd see us as he came in and come and join us. He'd then regale us with tales of his huge record collection. After a couple of months of this, my mate suddenly started mentioning records he'd picked up recently, all stuff I'd never heard of and that I didn't know he'd ..
  10. ScooterNik

    Can Anybody Put Me Right

    God, I hate that introduction.
  11. ScooterNik

    New Vinyl - Are We Bothered

    It wasn't that they weren't that interested as such, more that they didn't see the need to associate themselves with it - in the same way as The Animals never really did, even though a lot of mods loved their sound. Nice lads, but I doubt we'll see much more of them as they seem to be happy to be a covers band, so enjoy them while you can.
  12. ScooterNik

    How Often Does This Happen?

    Tyre kickers.
  13. ScooterNik

    Old Soul Patches

    There are/were some Wigan ones done by a friend of mine, primarily for sale on the scooter scene. These were done roughly 1990 or maybe a little earlier. They were deliberately done using slightly incorrect yarns for the fine detail to keep them separate from original, genuine patches. I've no idea how many he did, but last I saw he still had them for sale.
  14. ScooterNik

    Soul Junction Records

    When did these stop being called 'tailor made'? Let's see how great they sound in twenty years time.
  15. God, I'd forgotten that. Got to drag it out for a proper listen one day.