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    Got into Soul about 17 years ago and never looked back since. Love hearing something different rather than top 500 all the time. 

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    South Midlands, united kingdom
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    Love's Stormy Weather

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  1. Excellent news. His radio show archive is superb to listen to.
  2. Thanks for posting the playlist. Only caught the last few plays, but loved what I heard.
  3. Boro Boy

    Bicester Soul Club

    Absolutely Ian. Great night from start to finish. Tunes wise, there was something for everyone to enjoy.
  4. Boro Boy

    Boro Boy

    Thanks to all concerned for the great tunes played. It brought back some great memories and made a few new ones.
  5. Boro Boy


    Got to echo all the positive comments on here. A great night with superb tunes and like-minded people Not sure the Silk sign will ever be the same again though Len Dave
  6. Boro Boy


    Really enjoyed the venue and was good to see people dancing all the way through. Hats off to all the DJs for each spinning a great selection of tunes that kept folks busy.
  7. Ah thanks Steve. In that case thanks Mr Goucher. Will work my way through the playlists to see what other gems are in there.
  8. Agree. Not heard it before and now can't get it out of my head. Saying that, Steve does have an ear for a mellow tune.
  9. Looking forward to this one; have missed last couple due to ill health. So will be good to catch up with folks and hear some great tunes! Just hope the boxing is on screen somewhere :-) See you there, Dave
  10. Boro Boy

    'Lennys' The Launch Night!

    Great news! Looking forward to it already. The music will be spot on, it's just the lighting now Len ;-)
  11. You may have only been on the scene "5 minutes" Steve, but you are in it for the right reasons. The same as Jem and Len and that's what is important. The name "Soul in the Bowl" may go on, but the ethos behind it will not. It will become just another soul night. Nothing wrong with that, but Soul in the Bowl promised more and always delivered. Will be there next Saturday and make the most of it
  12. I'm not sure how much they will save, but they say that 60% of their listeners are in London. So, they are happy to lose up to 40% of their audience in one go! Will miss Pete Young and the evening programmes, but the daytime stuff was mostly background music anyway.
  13. Thanks for the posting. I was one of those that emailed you to find out for sure. Will look forward to the next one!

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