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    Ruby Andrews... Just lovin you
  1. Clifton Hall

    Did get to assembly rooms...wasn't it a mid week night, mainly Mod revival? Also remember "baby Tiffs" ( I was only 14/15) Monday/thurs nights. At one point they even had second room just for the "Soulies". Some amazing dancers there too...It's what got me of...
  2. Clifton Hall

    Ah yes...Richard searlings Soul Source, remember taping that a few times, just for that middle (5 record) Northern slot!~ Radio Halam I think it was?
  3. Clifton Hall

    Cheers Jamie, will look forward to that.
  4. Clifton Hall

    You're right, my mind is a little hazy, allways remember suppin up at last orders in The Travellers (one of the few pubs I could get served in at the time) then making the long walk (new nighter bag in hand) accross town to be greeted at the door by a handful...
  5. Clifton Hall

    Thanks for that Alison, Ive done no end of searches on the web for Clifton and come up wi nowt! I take it you was at Ponds Fri night then... I was there but had to leave early due to wife working. I dont get to go much due to working fri nights but as al...
  6. Clifton Hall

    Can anyone give me more info on this allnighter that ran in the early eighties. It was where, at the tender age of around 15, I got my first taste of true Northern. The fact that I only got to about three events before it suddenly and without explanation cl...

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