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  1. Excellent write up Butch,a well documented article of the 100 club over the years......
  2. Looking for a decent copy of this 45, at least Vg+,please Pm me with price and condition,thanks...
  3. Looking for a copy of this,clean label and at least Vg ++,please Pm with price and condition,thanks. Dave.... (seen the one on Darren’s list)
  4. I know that mate that’s why I said the Honey Bees and not Honey and The Bees.....
  5. No The Honey Bees,just had a look at my copy and Let’s get back together is written by Don Mancha and Edwin Starr,and arranged by Mike Terry.And Never in a million years written by Bridges and Beasley and arranged by Mike Terry,also it’s the vocal to Jack Montgomery on Barracuda which is Detroit,and both have the same publisher that’s why I thought it was Detroit..........
  6. I always thought the Honey Bees was Philly or Detroit. ?
  7. Why?,he’s a good dealer and cheap postage.... Craig Morer had loads of these,check his site.....
  8. Craig Morer had loads of these,check his site.....
  9. I guess your looking for an original,but it’s just been reissued on out-a-site...
  10. Darren’s is listed at £ 1.200 for the Issue,how much for the white promo....
  11. I’ve Got one without the groups name,don’t think there rare though....
  12. The demos are d/s with Lonely man both sides,you need the Issue with Lonely man/I’m a dreamer....

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