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  1. Dave Fleming

    Barbara st Clare Teacherman cross eyed bear

    Why?,he’s a good dealer and cheap postage.... Craig Morer had loads of these,check his site.....
  2. Dave Fleming

    Barbara st Clare Teacherman cross eyed bear

    Craig Morer had loads of these,check his site.....
  3. Dave Fleming

    Honey Bees - Garrison

    I guess your looking for an original,but it’s just been reissued on out-a-site...
  4. Dave Fleming


    Darren’s is listed at £ 1.200 for the Issue,how much for the white promo....
  5. Dave Fleming

    Mirettes 'He's alright with me' rare Mirwood label.

    I’ve Got one without the groups name,don’t think there rare though....
  6. Dave Fleming

    BOBBY WILBURN I'm A Lonely Man (Gamble)

    The demos are d/s with Lonely man both sides,you need the Issue with Lonely man/I’m a dreamer....
  7. Dave Fleming

    Melvin Moore - All of a sudden - Sky Hero

    You need a Tavasco to go with it
  8. Dave Fleming

    News: New Release - Broken Hearts Inc - Kimberlite Records

    I got a copy from Juno this week....
  9. Dave Fleming

    Crossover magic - TONY BAXTER

    Surprised this is still here...
  10. Dave Fleming

    The Spoilers Hey Little Girl Come On Be My Girl Tobin

    Nice flip Sad Man’s Land......
  11. Dave Fleming

    Two top rarities up for sale

    Two killer records you got there mate.....
  12. Dave Fleming

    Minits - Still A Part of Me

    Great price....
  13. Dave Fleming

    The California Ballroom , Dunstable

    It was Devils Den when I used to go there around 75...
  14. Dave Fleming


    That Monarch delta number dates it as pressed in the 70s,not the 60s that’s my last say on this reissue.


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