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  1. Towneley Technical High School Burnley 1974, our games teacher Miss Bentley used to bring her records in for us to play on rainy days, sadly I can't remember what was in there now, but I do remember Major Lance, JJ Barnes along with Motown stuff. I have her t...
  2. The 8th Hitsville Rare Soul Weekender


    Count us in for next year.............as I have said previously " If Carlsberg did soul weekenders.................. Can't say enough great things - amazing time all round!! B&K
  3. The 8th Hitsville Rare Soul Weekender


    Whoopeee....we have finally slipped into August so this fantastic event is not to long off. Can't wait to meet up with y'all again including the extra Ozzie contingent that are coming along too!!! As the pigging jet stream can't keep still over this country I am now counting the days till we are relaxing in the fabulous sunshine having a great time, listening to really great music with wonderful people....... See you all shortly.................................. Mrs KTBH xx
  4. Ha ha!! Great read, and memories of a great trip!! Can't wait for part 2 even though I know what's coming ...............


    Well done Mr & Mrs M for organising this event so brilliantly. Have had a fantastic time once again - great to meet up with old friends, and new faces who then go on to become old friends. From the Thursday night start at Moma's until the last record at La Finca it has been a pleasure to share it all. Once again a good mix of collectors who come to play out of their skins as well as out of their boxes to make sure that we all have a great time, and whether you are dancer a talker or just a listener it is great to feel so included and part of it all with such friendly people. The fact that people are returning year on year, is testament that this is the place to be in Septmeber.................roll on 2012
  6. Surreal

    I'll add this one 'cos Derek Pearson has a thread going about the Cat's Whiskers in Burnley and I'm many percentages sure this is where this happened. Trouble is no one has mentioned that there used to be some sort of transfer that happened at some point of t...
  7. 2011-09-15: The 7Th Hitsville Annual Rare Soul Weekender

    Thats why we come over
  8. Burnley Cats Whiskers All-dayers 28 May 79

    Could this have been at the Al-Kadhin ? just around corner from the bus station??? Was a Chineese once of a day ' The Lin Hong' then it was taken over and opened up as one of the first indian restaurants in Burnley This place was my first time in and ...
  9. Burnley Cats Whiskers All-dayers 28 May 79

    Excellent Pictures, from a wonderful time but seems so long ago!! Remember the Sunday all-dayers being very well attended with lots of people coming over to Burnley straight from Wigan and the El Greco and Atlantis coffee bars on the Bus station being pack...
  10. News: Weldon Arthur McDougal III RIP

    Think you have captured the memories we have of Weldon brilliantly in that post Dave-you certainly have a way with words!! 'Tis true that the tale telling from the 'Red Lobster' will live with Kev for always.....he certainly relates it to me often enoug...
  11. 2010-09-16: Hitsville 6Th Annual Rare Soul Weekender

    Just to add our two penneth......We have had another fantastic time at Hitsville 6 and would just like to say a BIG THANKS to Mr & Mrs M for the effort you put in to put it on: To the folks who lug record boxes in hand luggage through airports ...
  12. 2010-09-16: Hitsville 6Th Annual Rare Soul Weekender

    Finished work today ROLL ON THURSDAY..................................
  13. 2010-09-16: Hitsville 6Th Annual Rare Soul Weekender

    Just got back from having a few days in the sun with Mrs M .......well it was raining here and nipping down for a drink in La Finca sounded like a great idea............................................... Roll on September till I can go back and h...
  14. 2010-09-16: Hitsville 6Th Annual Rare Soul Weekender

    Glad we have got our flights/hotel booked!!! This is a must see Chris.....you with a kimodo (komodo) dragon on a leash.....or a kimono dressing gown..... Either way.....it's gonna be worth seeing!!!
  15. Alan Pollard R.i.p

    We also met Alan & Judy through attending DM's Hitsville venues, 2 lovely people and it was a great pleasure to spend time in their company. I have Alan to thank for me hearing Chi-Chi If you're gonna love me - for the first time at La Finca on a...